First 3D Printed Wheel Pulley

Hey guys,

I am looking to print my first 3D wheel pulley as i am currently interning at a company that allows me to use the printers. Question is: Whats the best kind of material I could be using that doesn’t melt or break?


You could use ABS, ABS+, Nylon, PETG…but I have been using ABS for a long time with no issues. Just dont use PLA.

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Any of those would work? What about something fancy like

I have never seen that before, so I cannot say with any certainty. I would assume the the structure would still share the same weaknesses that PLA has inherently, that its flexible and has a low melting temp. Those are the reasons we don’t use PLA for pulleys as the stress they under exploits those weaknesses and causes failure.

Ok thank you @mmaner.

I guess I will go with something like this

That should work right?

Also is the CAD file that i shared a good one, or you recommend a different one?

All of the @JuniorPotato93 models are great. I have a modular version if you want be able to replace the pulley without removing the inserts.

You can look at this thread for more info…

I’ve tried some of those pla+metal. They are harder to print than abs and behave just like pla. They are only good for the looks. Of what I have tried I’d recommend petg


Do you recommend 1.75mm or 3mm diameter for the filament?

I’ve always used 1.75 for mine

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That would depend on your printer, I believe the printer you linked above uses 1.75mm.


You can’t choose between 1.75 or 3. You have to go with what your extruder takes

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Yeah just saw:

0,4mm nozzle (easily changeable) for 1,75 mm filament

What makes this pulley “modular”?

You can change the gear out with having to remove the insert or retainer, which usually brakes them. But much more important is that you can print different colors for each piece :).

Armadillo for the win

Apart from the wheel and motor pulley, can i also print the motor mount?

I wouldn’t suggest it.

Ok but the pulleys are reliable?

I don’t recommend you print the motor pulley either. Definitely not the mount though

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