First 4p build... feedback on setup and do i need extra layering?

Ok… so first 4p build… I got the boss welder and waiting… and today FINALLY…fucking finally… got shipping info from nkon… doing a budget build with PFs a 4p for my board and a 6p for my ebike… way I looked at it is if the PFs were disappointing for my board I would just end up using it for my ebike and order 30q’s… with that said… i ordered the slant nickel strip from china…

thinking about it it seems building little packs of 4 is the better option versus strings of 4 going for a 2wide 2high setup… make 2 packs of 5s4p mirrored… now since the series connection from 1 pack to other doesnt jive with the strip I have my thought is to use this basic square strip I have for my 6p build to bridge the gap before I fold things inward to make it all flat…

am i thinking right here??? also…am i…should i… double layer any nickel anywhere else or is a single layer spot-n-weld good?

Currently building this for a single drive 6355 190kv motor…hopefully going dual soon.


I’ve always seen people thicken up the nickel on the series connections! I’m about to start welding my battery so I’ve been reading through the builds threads like crazy.

There’s a few good one dedicated to building batteries!