First attempt at casting my own wheels

Hey all,

Ive recently taken on the challenge of casting my own wheels using silicone, resin and pigment from easycomposites and they came out well. Not perfect but not to bad at all. Ive created an instructable on how i did it and thought id share with you all.




This could be quite interesting with an integrated pulley…

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How do urethane/other-longboard-wheel-materials react under vacuum? I bet if the material doesnt react oddly, that the results would be much more preferable (Great job none the less!)

When will you be able to run abuse tests on these? If they hold up they would be amazing for some transition hardness wheels, hard outside for durability and soft middle for shock absorption if they bond when slightly hardened

As far as i am aware they react fine in a degassing chamber. I would have used one if i had one it just meant that i needed to take a little more time pouring to take out as many bubbles as possible and tap the mold after the pour to try and get some out.

I’m planning on fitting these to the board as some point soon and doing a bit of a run. The road surfaces near me aren’t great so should be a good test.

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