First board Build shopping list

Hi, i am actually entirely new to electric skateboards but i am now considering building my own first board. I have spent hours trying to set up the perfect board for me. I live in Norway, more specifically Bergen. So there are a lot of hills here, therefore i think i dual motor board would be the way to go for me. Also i am quite heavy (92kg) and therefore i am going with quite big motors aswell

My List currently:


these are 6374 motors so plenty of tourque, i am thinking having one in front of my truck and one behind will give me space for both


I am going with 4 of these where i do two sets of two in series and then one in paralell. This will basically give me a 12s2p battery i think.


I read that Flipsky used to have a lot of problems with their ESCs but they are quite old, so i am taking the risk.


Just using this because i am already ordering from flipsky and its cheap enough.

So my questions are:

Will this ESC be enough for the motors? i will probably limit it to about 40 A from the battery.

I know since i am going the LiPo route i need a balance charger, but since i am into model airplanes i already have that.

Other than that do you guys have any sugdestions and thoughts on better parts? Since i live in Norway shipping and import tax is really expensive, so this build will cost me about 1000$ already


Also i forgot to mention i am using a used longboard with 83mm wheels, and ebay motor mounts that have a ratio of 3:1. This will give me probably about 30 km/h of speed which i am happy with for now. I am planning on upgrading to bigger wheels at a later date

That’s expensive for me :sweat_smile:. You also need a charger and what belt are you using?

maybe go with 6.6 vesc

Yeah mby, but i heard the 4.20 vesc were alright? if they break i can just order the 6.6 next time

I already have a 4x 200 watt charger from hobbyking, so that should be ok. I actually have already ordered the motor mount and belt kit due to them having a longer shipping time. This one:

which trucks do you have?

I actually don’t know, they are really stiff trucks from a board i bought used. They are also really wide so they should fit both motors well, i have measured. But i have to file them down a tiny bit to fit the motor mounts

it’s better to use calliber style trucks and a mount for such trucks works way better

hmmm mby i should invest, do you have any recomendations for trucks?

These are the ones i have mounted on the board

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