First board build!

Im new to the whole e-board building world so bear with me lol. I just got my 10" trucks and 80mm Orangatang Kegel wheals in today and i am looking at getting the SK3 - 6374-149kv for a motor. I would like to get ollin vesc. I would like to go a top speed of around 20 to 22 mph. What gearing would you recommend to achieve that?? oh also i am planning on using 12s lipo battery(also if anyone has any recommendations for a brand). Also anyone know what the lead time is on ollin’s vesc’s?? Thanks guy and i will try to post pics soon.

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15/36 product-category/electric-skateboard-parts/pulleys-belts/

for the battery i would suggest 4 of these

and ollin is about 3 weeks if im not mistaken.

Awesome thanks!! Do u have any experience with Ollin’s motors? And is that the best vesc?? I kinda want to get it built asap and if I can get another vesc quicker and still have the same quality I am willing to do it. Also I have been stalking this forum for weeks, u guys are building some badass boards!!

No, don’t think anyone does, there pretty new. And pretty sure ollin is the fastest seeing as how TB and enertion are back ordered. If you don’t need the options of the vesc and just want it because it’s what everybody is doing I would look at TB’S 12s ESC

@chaka can tell you how long the wait will be

i emailed ollin today and the told me they 2 weeks out!! ordering it tonight! has 12/14 and 16 tooth motor pulleys. I have tried the 14 and the 16 with 230kv motors. I would recommend getting the 16t especially with a 149kv motor because it adds about 5mph more top speed than the 14T with 12s and still has plenty of torque for hill climbing. But, what really makes it better is that it gives more belt contact so when braking downhill there is less chance of belt skipping. I did experience more belt skipping with the 14T when braking. While tightening the belts might resolve this issue. Running tight belts uses up more battery, puts more strain on the motor bearings and causes more drag.

Thanks for the info I am buying the 16 right now!!

Also anyone have a good place to find a battery indicator for the 12s lipo’s?? And a good what to wire a power switch?? I was thinking of finding a solid state relay of some sort. Also a charging port?? Thanks for all the info.

why 30c vs 20c?

just that extra discharge, less strain on the battery.

20c is perfectly fine though correct?

depending on capacity yes

I found a good indicator And not sure what what u guys mean 20c vs 30c??

The C value refers to the discharge rate. If it’s too low the motors will not get as much power and be weaker. I’ve seen people go with at least 25C.

Just got my battery’s and motor today!! looking forward to getting the belt and pullys so i can build my mount and box for my electronics…

Also did you guys have any recommendations for wiring a on off switch??

I am stuck on soldering my battery’s up. Does anyone have a link to or a diagram of how I should wire my 2 3s ballance leads to one 6s lead. Thanks

Have a look on the eboard wiring diagram thread.

Copy I think I figured it out :flushed: Lol