First board, pls check: Alien 5065 220kv, VESC, 2x 4S in series (5Ah, 30C)


I’m configuring my first e-board and need some advice for my setup. Ordered is a Alien 5065 220kv sensored motor and a VESC 4.12. The gearing is not yet fixed, I’ll start with a 16/48 with a cheap China motor mount on 80mm wheels, just for the first tests.

My biggest question is about the batteries. I planned to use two 4S 5Ah with 30C in series for 8S voltage. The motor is rated with 50A max, so the XT60 connectors and 2,5mm² cables (slightly larger than AWS12) should be fine. Am I right and is this setup durable?

I also read about that the VESC has a option to shut down the board on a specific voltage, so the batteries do not get deeply discharged. Is this right and enough to protect the batteries? For now I do not have planned to install a BMS, I want to charge the batteries with a standard 4S charger and a BMS for > 50A is quite too expensive for now.

My aim is to have a good balance between durability, the price point, torque and speed. to get started. I chose the 50mm motor for the option to easily upgrade to dual motor. But for now my budget says getting the board to work is the first priority, improvements will have to wait.

Thanks a lot for your support!

5065 motors are generally ok, but if you want to upgrade to dual motor in future, i recommend you to use 6354 motor instead, this motor can also output more power than 5065 (because APS 5065 motors are slightly overrated) 5065 is too wide and you would face the problem of fitting 2 of them on same side of the truck (unless you use wider trucks or have one motor on each truck)

I also do not recommend you to use cheap chineese motor mount, it might be pain in the ass…you will have to modify your trucks a little, in the worst scenario you will have to weld the mount or its part…

Hobbyking offers cheap mount with trucks, go check it out :slight_smile: the mount also fits calibers…

Oh, I think I now understand the naming. For a 5065 the diameter is 50mm and width is 65mm, right? I wish, i’d got this before my order :sweat_smile:

Hm, I already thought about a wider truck, so now it seems like really good idea :grinning:

About the mount: Yeah, I know. But here in Germany there’s no big variety. So I’ll see :wink: Thanks @aigenic

you could do dual diagnal 5065. Couple of people on the forum have done it and they like it very much. You are right about the motor measurements too.

Thanks @themegak, I’ll see how it fits on the truck :wink: