First Brazil Group Ride - São Paulo 🇧🇷

Hi everyone,

We are organizing the first group ride (that we know) here in Brazil, it will be in São Paulo probably Monday morning 14 - oct

If there any more Brazilians here give a shout

For now confirmed we have: -Me

Details to be determined


It’s on baby - making history here


I wish I was going to be there!

What is the route?


Va com deus rapazes, queria estar aqui tambem :beers:


Not sure yet,

What do you think @Quiles

I’m not from São Paulo but go there a lot, the routes I took so far is the Paulista Av. when it’s closed for cars on Monday, the Minhocão that’s is also closed for cars and rod in Ibirapuera

We just need to see how far people can ride and find charge points for those who need

Anyone knows if there is outlets in Ibirapuera? I can ride 40 km on one charge so anything goes

@Vanarian Thanks, are you from here also?

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Almost bro, I’m from Guyana. Grew there for few years, went mostly to Belem back then. Now I’m in EU, France.


Quantos tem skate elétrico aqui no brasil? Ando há quase 1 ano e nunca conheci ninguém!

Costumo andar no Ibirapuera, porém ultimamente estava muito sujo!

Na Paulista dia de domingo é quase impossível andar, de tão cheio que é, já fui algumas vezes também!

Para quem não conhece as ruas de SP, são péssimas e difícil manter uma rota!

E ai Murilo, te mandei mensagem no privado do nosso grupo

Eu conheço umas 10 pessoas que tem por aqui

Ja andei em São Paulo algumas vezes e alguns lugares é bem ruim mesmo, a descida da paulista por Ibirapuera é umas das piores

Que Skate voce tem? ou montou tambem?


Eh guys, you should film (also images) the whole thing. It’ll be historic. :movie_camera:


Will take my GoPro :+1:t2:

Would love to make some drone shots, but I think is asking for trouble flying on the places we will ride


Please include me in the whatsapp group!

(11) 944441983

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Done, welcome

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Se tem grupo no WhatsApp, me coloque também sou do Amazonas-Maanaus

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Just to let anyone that saw to late that it didn’t happen yet due to poor weather, we are hoping to make it this holiday on Friday, Saturday ou Sunday, tbd yet

Pessoal, alguem conhece algum cara bom q arruma VESC? Meu drv fritou e não tenho a manhã de troca-lo.

Please include me on WhatsApp also 11997881677

Fala Felipe, ja vou te adicionar

Quanto ao DRV só conheço gente fora do Brasil, mas fica muito caro mandar arrumar, tambem tenho 2 VESC’s queimados aqui

Hey everyone

Finally this is happening this weekend, if there is anyone new from São Paulo just shoot a message and let’s ride

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Ola! Queria uma ajuda de vcs! Im building a board here, and wanted to know where you all got your parts from (that ship to sao paulo). I wanted a motor from diy electric, cells from banggood. Would you recommend something else?? Add me on whats!! 11 999762828