First Build / 10s lipo / DIY 6374 190Kv / Portable

Ok so this is my first post and build so sorry if this is a little hard to follow…basically with this build I’m trying to achieve a somewhat fast and portable board for a reasonable price. I’ve done my research and have a pretty good understand of the stuff I’ve chosen, mainly looking for feedback and any advice. Also, i need some help with the electronics which i will note later, thanks. -31x8 kicktail from Skateshred -180mm trucks -90mm wheels 80a -Single DIY 6374 190Kv motor -Caliber Motor Mount from Amazon -Turnigy Skateboard Conversion Kit 15/36t -DIY vesc -2x 5s 5000mah lipos wired in series -controller and transmitter from my rc car

Ok so with that being said, i need help with setup of the electronics. Keep in mind i do not have a welding so welding is out of the picture. I plan to run the 5s lipos with a series connector. I’m a little confused if i need a loop key between the series connector and vesc, or am i able to connect the series connector right to the vesc? I’m fine with taking the batteries out and charging them separately with a balanced charge, so a bms is not needed if i understand that right? Also can i just connect the receiver with a male to male to the vesc and be fine?

I referenced this picture for some of this, just wondering if i can do it without a loop key because I’m not capable of welding: image