First Build! 12 years old!

oh hot glue is just fine

i solder my battery connections through hot glue sometimes

Wait I can hit glue the make xt90 to the cord

I didn’t mean to say make

lol NO

you need to solder.

Solder the hot glue!


solder the wire with solder. put a bit of hot glue over to reinforce the solder

That last sentence didn’t make sense for some reason it never types what I typed

Told you I am stupid

I’m dead :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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do you guys think I should get smaller wire

Shouldn’t be a problem if you have a decent soldering iron

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I am really struggling with the soldering, do you guys know where I could buy something already connected like this?


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and use 2 of theese

you would need to find one which is xt90 female to xt60 male

It may help if you use a little longer wire. Then you will be able to bend the wires more easily. Also remember using flux if you aint already

lead-free solder is a nightmare


got t my loopkey done but am really having trouble with the harness so probably will just buy one

Don’t. Keep trying, you’ll learn nothing from buying one. Use a longer wires. Also make sure your iron is hot enough. By the looks of it, it isn’t. I suggest investing in a good iron around 60W.

Let me know if you need any help.

Make sure you “pre-tin” the xt-90 before you try connecting the wires to it. Just hold the soldering iron inside the xt-90s metal part for say 10-20 seconds then start dipping some solder down into there (assuming solder with flux otherwise put a dab of the flux in there before trying to stick the solder to the connector). If both the connector and the wire have a good glob of solder on there then it’s a lot easier to get both globs to go molten and fuse together, if you don’t pre-tin both things this is much harder.


Ok thanks for the advice