First Build! 12 years old!

Yes to buying a new xt90, did you use flux while soldering?

I have a confession to make…

i’ve never used flux in my life :dizzy_face:


Lol. Ignore what he said. Use flux


Yeah I was going to solder it first and than heat it back up an solder the cord in

No, so I need to use it

put the other connector together, see if they still fit. if they do, you’re in luck. the nylon housing is just a bit burnt. be careful when your soldering though.

What should I do about the solder that is steady in that port

melt it?

your supposed to tin those beforehand, like you were doing. just leave your soldering iron on it for a good long time until it becomes totally liquid. stick the wire in, heat the wire until the solder on the wire and in the pin turn liquid, remove soldering iron.

I found for me it’s easier to have something like a vise hold the connector then put a clean wire in the back of the clean plug heat them up together and then add the solder flux does help but I always use rosin core solder.


I don’t rhink it will work because the pin broke I think

please say you used rosin core solder

i do use rosin core yes lol

i have a nice big syringe full of flux, just never use it

that’s good i don’t even have solid flux, rosin flux for days

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soldered a bunch of connections with lead free matchstick solder :wink:

they were rock solid.

if it works, it works but no shiny finish

how did the pin break? pics?

It broke off the xt90 can’t take pics rn

I know I’m about to sound really dumb but can I got glue it on lol

what kind of glue? and where?

i’ve soldered superglue before. the fumes burn the shit outta your eyes, don’t recommend it lol

Hot glue ten chars