First Build | 32 inch shortboard | VESC | Maytech 70mm hub motors | 8S 6.6Ah LiPo | looking for good value

I’ve been checking out the awesome builds on this site and recently built my first board. I’ve built a few boards after this one to test different configurations and see how well some cheaper parts work. I’ll try to post more about my other builds soon. I also got an Acton Blink S2 that I’ll post about.

I’m generally trying to find ways to make boards with the best value that are not difficult to build. It would be great to hear suggestions and feedback.

The video turned out longer than I planned so I included a table of contents in the description.

The main parts I used are:

Hub motors, wheels, and trucks:

Motor controller (VESC):


Remote control:

Deck and grip tape:

Containers for electronics/batteries: Battery uses a 64 oz food container that was cut to size with scissors.

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Ive seen youre videos on youtube. Great stuff. How long did the 70mm hubs last?