First build - 33" custom made deck - 10s4p 30q - dual dark matter 6375 - photon remote - 90mm flywheels

the finished product:

please excuse the missing screw on the front truck…

I began this project without having ANY knowledge of electronics, batteries, motors, soldering or woodworking. But the internet can be a very helpful place and I wasn’t that surprised to look at my profile and see that I’ve logged in 6 days of read time… Anyways, thanks to everyone in the community for sharing their knowledge - I literally couldn’t have come close to making this if it weren’t for this forum.

Here’s what I used: 10s4p 30q battery built by @barajabali dual 6375 dark matter motors from @scepterr photon remote made by @Wajdi 33" custom deck, 9 ply maple with red gum veneer top, made by me (with the help of @aigenic)
218mm trucks by @torqueboards custom enclosure by @Eboosted motor mount by @longhairedboy dual focboxs from @onloop 90mm abec flywheels by @ChrisChaput clear lucid grip tape

My goal was to make a board with over 20 miles of range, relatively high top speed (I used to have a boosted), and for it to be as short as possible. And I wanted a natural wood deck with no holes on the top and raw metal colored trucks. I took inspiration for the deck nose from the prism origin v2 and for the deck tail from the bustin spliff. I also made the width of the deck a little wider than usual (10") to try to make the XL torqueboard trucks look a little more proportionate.

To begin, I took these unpressed maple plys and red gum veneer,

shaved out a mold for the shape of the board from foam, and pressed them all together via a vacuum sealed bag: After getting foam all over my apartment from the deck mold, my girlfriend made me finish the rest of it out on the fire escape, which was probably for the best.

So after I cut the deck out, I used a router to round out the edges, which made the board look SO much thinner than it did beforehand. Then I sanded it all down, which was EXTREMELY satisfying, almost therapeutic. I really wasn’t expecting to enjoy that part as much as I did.

I then used a belt sander to try to erase the mistakes I made with the jigsaw.

I soaked my motor mounts and trucks in greased lightening to remove the black paint in order to try to increase the range:

No offence LHB!

But for some reason the trucks were totally unaffected

Which just turned into another excuse to use my new belt sander I love how the black detailing ended up around the letters and logo

I then accidentally drilled this huge hole in my enclosure:

How it happened is a long and boring story, but it was very unfortunate. I wasn’t going to put a battery gauge on this deck as the photon remote eliminates the need for that, but I will probably put one where the hole is just to cover it up. I secured my battery and focboxs to the bottom of the enclosure with velcro, and then put a layer of neoprene between the deck and electronics. Seems to be working pretty well so far.

Finally, I coated the board with UV resistant waterproof polyurethane varnish and applied the lucid grip “tape”:

It looks like there’s sugar on the deck You can sort of see the W concave here (the W concave is not as lop-sided as it looks in the photo, although it isn’t PERFECTLY even either) Then I put in the screw inserts without drilling all the way through the deck (very nerve wracking) And that’s basically it. I’m officially addicted and am already building my next one.

Configuring the vescs was kind of difficult for me to learn and I’m still tweaking it (the brakes momentarily cut out when I brake hard but only when I’m at full battery…), but I am THRILLED with how the board performs. It is more powerful than I imagined and it seems to be very reliable. I’ve probably ridden less than 100 miles on it so far and I’m still learning to trust it. So for now I mainly ride it around central park. It will probably be a little while before I trust it enough to ride it through rush hour traffic like I did on my boosted (which is now sold!!!)


Awesome bro!

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really nice build deck turned out crazy good

thanks - full disclosure: this was actually my second try at making the deck. I learned that if you don’t apply the polyurethane varnish to the deck the same day as pressing/cutting the wood starts to crack a little


what dju use winmax?

Nice build, I really like the deck shape. Respect for the work you put in.


Cool build and i love your NYC fire escape workshop! hehe…i will never look at my fire escape the same way!

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Really like the little kick tail on the end. The red gum veneer is sexy.

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lol yes it was actually…the board smelled like new kitchen cabinets for a day or so

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its not really a bad workshop! no cleanup necessary. although i think some passing pedestrians were a little wary of walking below me

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also heres a pic of the bottom of the board. I’m probably going to replace these 9mm belts for thicker ones at some point:


that an eboosted enclosure? nice pintail behind it

Awesome deck design

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Really nice build. The outside workshop gives the underground style…super nice! I love the deck and the fact that you made it. If you don’t mind next time please make a video tutorial about it. I understood the principles but we all know that the details make the difference. Anyhow double thumbs up!

it is and im very happy with it - looks really professional (except for the giant hole in it that keeps me up at night…)

this was actually the second one he made me for this build as I didnt think the focboxs/electronics would take up as much space as they did. but its still pretty compact for a flat 10s4p imo

probably for my next board im going to use this same enclosure design and just adjust the length as necessary

thanks man! I might not get around to making a video but there are plenty online already. I got most of my info from a canadian company called Roarockit - they sell all the parts you need and have a bunch of instructional videos on youtube


Thx! I will have a look!

Yo Lenny! Good running into in Centra Park this evening. Board looks sharp, see you around! -Andy

Thanks dude - nice meeting you as well!