First Build/40in 10s4p work in progress

Hey there. Been reading a bit picking my build out.

Just put the raw longboard together. Smooth rider. 40/9.5in bamboo/maple dropthrough blank Caliber2 184mm 44* trucks 90mm generic flywheels Zealous Bearings No grip tape yet even

Going to add another 1/8in or 1/4in riser. Wasn’t expecting board so low. Only have about 8cm of clearance since top of wheels are flush with top of deck. Was planning on Sanyo 20700 cells. $270 for 36 But went with Samsung 25R 40 for $140 Pack will get about 75% of range for about 50% of the cost. Gonna grab a BMS with input and output control

Working on ordering pulley kit from johnny_271

I know everyone recommends VESC but for first board I ordered from which includes 10s ESC with FOC, cover with on/off and charge meter and remote for $63. If the esc is junk still got a case and a remote to use with an actual VESC.

Want to nab a 6350-6355 motor for single drive and have space for another motor if I go dual down the road. Might go SK3 or torqueboards. ~190KV area

Looking for motor mounts and may grab one from a member here. Seen some sturdy looking ones. Like to help community.

Will grab a charger online

I’ll update as I order and receive parts

For battery pack I’m seeing my options to either make it myself. Will be 9s4p or 10s4p. See if local battery shop can assemble or I posted a topic seeing who here can do it.

Will also review ESC and remote I’ll be happy as long as it runs as should

Looks like a solid plan so far! I just wanted to throw my store out there. I have 6354 motors and a bunch of other eSk8 stuff… let me know if you have any questions!

Ok so had a brain lapse and thought I could lower wheels and raise the deck adding spacers. But I can’t with the drop through. A top mount yes. But spacers only affect the baseplate and that’s on the top of the deck. So I can only lower it. Hurray. :unamused:

I tried getting a picture at an ok angle. But since my wheels (90mm) are almost flush with the top of the deck. I’m only working with 80~mm of ground clearance.

97mm wheels are cool with me iv stepped from 70-83-90 and 97 would be fine. But still not sure about clearance.

How low can you go with a motor from the ground? In my head if it was jussst above the truck hanger I’d find ideal. So if you’re gonna bottom out the truck will stop you first.

The deck concaves so the distance from ground is even closer towards middle. Plus when you lean the motor will get even closer to the deck.

I live in buffalo NY and it’s generally a lot of 2-5% inclines. Some steeper here and there.

Didn’t wanna go with 50mm motor since I’m going single. And I’m 180lbs.

The blue wheel is 62mm So a 63mm motor is looking like 1.2-1.5cm of clearance from ground. Anyone see anyone go that low. Seems too risky.

Hmmm maybe could just sand the bottom down it’d be ugly but long as deck doesn’t lose strength.

This is the case, esc, and remote I ordered from

Good customer service just ordering. Helpful. Checking if everything was correct what I needed etc

Will review it once my board is complete and enough time to have good input on it

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