First Build | $45 Deck | TB 6374 190kV | 12S2P | VESC | Mini Remote | Sensored

Hey everyone. Finished building my board a week ago after lots of researching.

List of Parts:

  • Freerider Deck - Kmart
  • TB 6374 190kV Motor
  • TB v4 Motor Mount
  • TB Trucks
  • 83mm Flywheels
  • 13T Motor Pulley
  • 36T Wheel Pulley
  • 265mm HDT5 12mm Belt
  • DIYes 12S2P Battery Pack (Samsung 30Q)
  • Mini Remote
  • Orangatang Nipples

Build As I am in Australia, I wanted to find a vendor that sold all the parts I would need to save on shipping costs. I would’ve gone with Enertion but they stopped selling DIY parts :frowning: . So I ended up going with Torqueboards as they had free shipping for all the stuff I was getting and I have read good stuff about them.

Installing all the components onto the board was no problem but as I am still waiting for DIYes to get the battery enclosures in stock, I just resorted to using duct tape to secure everything to the board since I was so eager to get it working. The battery on the other hand was too heavy to just be secured solely with tape, so I purchased some Z-brackets and mounted them to the board itself.

The build turned out great apart from my grip tape job. As it was my first time applying it myself, I did a pretty bad job of cutting it :sweat: .

First time starting up the VESC, I was so scared that I would fry it somehow as I have seen that other people have had shorted wires and other unfortunate mishaps. So I decided to tape over the phase wire connections so they couldn't contact each other. Everything went smoothly and I configured the VESC with @Ackmaniac 's Extended BLDC-Tool which is excellent. Taking it for a ride, I was impressed with how fast I could go with myself never going full throttle. It conquers all hills in my area and I find that the battery seems to last for a good while as I was riding it for a couple of hours and it only dropped a few of volts. Clearance is not an issue for me so I don't really need to worry about scraping anything.

One thing that I might be looking into is a kicktail deck as it might serve me better at turning rather than having to pick the up the board and move it manually.

Let me know what you guys think of the build and if you have any suggestions for how I could improve my board, I would love to look into it!