First build: 8s Lipos at 651.2 watt hours

Thanks to all on this forum, especially @Namasaki, @longhairedboy, @chaka, @JLabs, @yummyblobs, @onloop, I couldn’t have done it without the products, and research I’ve found here.

I started this project with zero knowledge of electronics or the relevant hardware in this sport. I found everything I needed to accomplish the most rewarding project of my life right here, in these threads.

My build consists of Caliber II 50s and a DIYE mount @JLabs stealth 6374 Maytech VESC (lol) 2x- 22Ah 4s tattu lipos Lots of solder and shrink tubes Custom T-shirt and gorilla tape enclosure for VESC GUIDANCE and SUPPORT from everyone here.

Thanks everyone


those bullet connectors look like the anti-spark bullets than Amazon sells. I have used those, they work very well.

The battery connectors are asm150 anti spark

Holy shit dude, came here from the hill climb thread. More pics of those insane batteries please. I’m pretty sure your eBay link will lead to more irresponsible spending. Do you think 3 will fit under a board?

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195x91x43mm, they’re HUUUUGE. That thing is going to have some absurd range on it. Charge it once a month.

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Literally like every other week. Never above 4.1 or below 3.7 v/c

Ya, they’re big, but the performance is worth it. There’s always room for jello. Unless you have a drop deck

Haha I have 3 decks for eboards, a mini, drop and drop-through. But I have this lying around…

2 x 8s lipo, do you pull them apart to parallel charge?

Does the twice a month charge take like 2 days? :slight_smile:

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The as150 bullet connectors make the charging process super easy. Just unplug each cable (2 for each battery) and hook it up to the charger. Yeah, charging takes a while. I balance charge each time, which takes even longer