First build, about $850

I have finally decided to post all that I have ordered for my first build in hopes to help others build there own e-board. To start off, purchased a drop through deck, added galaxy grip tape because why not make it pretty. With shipping it was $63.28

My “brains of the board” Vesc Dual 6.6 based off of v6, total cost with shipping and drum roll please… discount code welcomeback, was 259.55

Battery and motors I bought from @KaramQ Total cost for me was $340 with shipping Motors were turnigy Sk3 6374 Battery is 10s12p, built from these cells,

Trucks wheels and mounts were all bought here in this package from @dickyho cost me $170

Last but not least for sure, at least I hope it’s not the least, my remote. Vanpro remote bought off amazon, $27.80 vanpro Electric Skateboard DIY V2 Edition 2.4G Mini Wireless Remote Control Receiver Transmit 80 Meters Away Wireless

The battery has its own enclosure,

The VESC I plan on printing an enclosure for it out of orange PETG, will update as soon as all the parts get here!!


Just got this beast!



image Jus chillin