First build advice on parts and compatibility

Hello been reading around this forum alot still feel like I have no confidence in buying parts without some clarification I have an exway flex its range and durability just isnt cutting it for me so thats why im looking for diy board I want a board that can easily hit 40km range and go 50km/h I have about 3000$ budget I compiled some parts I like and was wondering if they all work together or if my battery/motors can accomplish my goal

deck and enclosure:

Battery not set on 12s looking for input on battery







motor mount:


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For 3 grand and that parts list you can do it 3 times. :rofl:

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So these parts check out? If i could do it 3 times am I overkill on the parts what could I change

No your good man. saying there’s higher end stuff. If you’ve already committed to dropping 3k might as well go big. Coming from someone that budgets at a craps table.