First "build" attempt/kit install (failed so far) with daul belt kit from MBoards/DIYeboard - need help with possible ESC fault

I have been riding e-bikes to work for 10 years, mostly built with chinese parts off the internet (bafang and hub drive) and decided to buy an e-skateboard. I am very time poor due to work etc but decide to get an electric skateboard and bought an acton blink s2 I saw on gumtree (aussie craigslist?). Having done 500km on the blink s2 and loving the esk8 but hating the hard ride over rough surfaces, the stupid deck and wanting to go faster than 30kph i decided to buy or build a faster board. Having no time, i went to a shop and tried some boards and bought an evolve bamboo one after riding it at approx 35kph, then went home and bought some 107mm abec wheels. But on day two the evolve broke. I won’t derail my own topic yet, but lets just say i ended up learning more about fixing boards than i wanted to and have now upgraded the board to having two belt drive motors, dual belt ESC and using the evolve GT trucks. Now that board is awesome.

Knowing a little bit about esk8 I decided to try and building something and use a deck I already have so started looking for parts. I watched some vids, ran out of time and decided to just buy everything from one place, spoke to Mike at Mboards through the site webchat and got all the parts I need from that site in one go. Dual belt drive motors, trucks/wheels kit, MBoards 10s2p battery, dual belt ESC and a few bits. I knew it cost a bit more for cheap starter parts but I thought it would be a good easy start and it would all work together and be shipped fast etc. Again to not derail, it took a month to get the delivery and I have hooked it up and it doesn’t work.

Getting to the point, I have hooked the battery pack to the ESC which came with a remote which seems to be paired (no instructions to not 100% sure) and plugged the three wires from each motor to the ESC. The lights come on but the wheels don’t turn. As this is my first go at this, I have no idea what is wrong. I am getting little to no help from MBoards and after some googling found that the same “kit” could be purchased from DIYeboard for $400USD including enclosures! So I paid $700 USD (inc delivery) for $400USD worth of kit! I guess my mistake, serves me right for buying off a small start-up like that but they seemed decent, lesson learned I guess. Anyway I contacted Jason at DIYeboards and he has told me the remote possibly isn’t sync’d. I have tried sync by turning on board, holding power button on board until flashing then pressing hidden button on remote to sync and it seem to work - I can see the batter level lights on the remote are accurately reflecting battery level, it changed from 60% to 100% after I charged the battery. I can also see that the ESC acts exactly the same whether I have the motors connected or not. There is one red flashing light on the ESC that seems to indicate the remote is linked and two others that are flashing. Whatever I do I can’t get the wheels to turn at all and don’t really know how to troubleshoot.

I’ve asked Mboards to send me a new ESC and remote to swap and see if that works, as it seems unlikely that both motors are bad. I also have the old single belt drive ESC from my evolve upgrade and the evolve 1500w motor from the old “one” config so I guess I could start changing wire connectors and testing with the other ESC and motor but am reluctant to cut connectors off parts I might be able to sell as they are effectively new (the motor failed and they sent me a new one that I haven’t used).

So I guess I am after some advice about how to get this board going and possibly how to test to see what is wrong. Also if anyone has used this remote before, can you tell me how I can know for sure if the sync has worked properly? I’ll add some pictures and maybe a video after this initial description.

Here is a link to the kit from DIYeboards which contains every part I purchased off Mboards, not knowing these parts were all from the same place, essentially a cheap chinese dual-belt kit.

I’ll post pictures/video of the remote lights and board power light, but when I turn the board on the power light is blue and on, after turning remote on the three battery power red lights come on (indicating 100% battery) and the board light flashes blue and the link light on the remote flashes green.

Thanks for any advice on this, sorry for the long post!

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Here is a link to the quick video of me trying to make this work:

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Try pairing the remote again

hi @derek440 recharge the remote and battery and try again ,the esc you are using has a feature that when the remotes or boards battery is low it will disable acceleration but still allow breaking. also diyeboards battery is made from Samsung 22p cells which are not great ,mboards is made from 25r cells which are much better. (by the way I’m not mboards my username-m.hboards happenes to be very similar.)

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Thanks mate, you are a legend, it worked! I had no idea this board/remote had this feature. The remote was sync’d with the board and it was seeing that the board had 100% battery but the remote was low battery itself and doesn’t seem to have an indicator, it just stops turning the wheels although lights are still on and the brakes still work. Charged the remote and its fixed. Also stuck it on my board and had a ride. First impressions are that its cheap and fast. The wheels were so hard and shit so I put on some spare evolve 83mm wheels I had and its much better. The brakes are pretty rubbish too, for a fast board that’s a bit scary. Trucks seem ok but I need to tighten. I also need to get some decent enclosures instead of the lunchbox. All in all, decent fast and cheap so far, I just wish I paid $400USD from DIYeboard instead of $600USD from Mboards.

Time to get cracking on my mountain board build/converting my MBS board.

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no problem, the remote does actually have an indicator the green blinking signal light turns red when remotes battery is low also what is your range?

this is my board I made with the same belt kit from diyeboard


Not sure about range yet as I’ve only gone about 5km and most of that was on full throttle. Top speed was about 45kph but a slight tail-wind so approx 40kph which is great. I only need to do about 5km range for my trip to train/work and I can charge at work. I might build another board after this with super long range and more power and better brakes! I ended up going through a stop sign today going downhill and the brakes wouldn’t pull me up, scary! Are you using the DIYeboards remote and ESC? I also noticed today while going downhill and full brakes that the belt slipped a bit. Hopefully I don’t need to replace the belts already, its a pretty bad design flaw to not be able to tighten your belt and the skinny belts are a worry. All in all its good for how cheap it is, also super light and portable.

My commute to train with no wind and flat ground.

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