First Build/ Battery and Motortype

I recently decided to build my own electric longboard and read a lot about what parts to use. So now I would like to order my first parts, but because it is my first built, I am not sure, if everything will work efficiently together. My question is, if three 3s 8000mah battery in series ( with the Turnigy G160 Brushless Outrunner 245kv (160 Glow)( would work or should I change my setup? My goal is to have a top speed around roughly 45kmh/26mph and a range of about 16km/10miles, but i would not complain about more. My motor pulley has 15 teeth, my wheel pulley 36 teeth and my weehl size diameter is 83mm. A second opinion before I buy anything would be great.
Thanks in advanced :slight_smile:

I would recommend a lower kv motor since you are 9s. With your current setup you will get an unweighted top speed of 33 mph

according to this

I think he will be fine with that 245kv on 9S,… I use the 6364 245Kv on 10S with no problems at all.

thank you for your replies :slight_smile: