First build! Beastboard 1.0


First post in this forum! I’m going to be covering my build here. I warn you that this is going to take some time. I’m currently doing 2 masters degrees and an internship and, although this project is in collaboration with my Uni, I prioritise the others.

Let’s start!

Parts list: (Please take into account that the build is not completed, so although the majority of the parts I got were recommended by other users in different threads, I cannot yet say they are working properly, specially electric components.)

Board: Trampa Holypro deck with urban wheels Motors: Dual 6384, 170KV from APS Batteries: 12S5P (60x) - Samsung 30Q batteries Battery housing: Igus cablechain ESC: Focbox Unity from Enertion (hope it arrives soon!) Remote: APS remote BMS: 12S 15A Charging-only BMS Charger: 12 generic 4A charger Charging port: Waterproof 2-pin plug Transmission: Transmission kit for trampa wheels Shrink tubes (they have lots of sizes): Shrink tube JST adapters for motor-sensor cable to Unity (1.5mm JST to 2mm JST): JST cables

Things I’ve done by today (09/12/2018)

1. Board I got the board about a month ago: YngJi4DiQquNudsWRQVCKQ_thumb_138

2. Motor mounts/Transmission Next step was designing the motor mounts, for that I used Solidworks and a 3d printer to test prototypes. I ended with this thing inspired in many builds I’ve seen here:



I’ve noticed that, because of the truck’s curvature, once tightened, the mount wont stay perpendicular to the truck’s axis. So I decided to machine the trucks to make them flat on that area.

I’m currently looking for a machining company here in Madrid that will do the job, because of the small nature of the project, most companies are not willing to do it or charge me a crazy amount for it.

For the mounts, I’m planning on making them out of 7075-T6 Aluminium. To machine them I can use the CNC machine in my university, but first I want the trucks done to test some 3d printed prototypes on them.

For anyone interested, I will post the details and measurements of the mount once done!

3. Batteries I’m waiting to do everything motor mount-related before getting the batteries. To mount the batteries I contacted Igus and they were kind enough to sell me one of their cable chains. I’ve seen this idea on one of @Nowind 's threads. I thought it looked badass and so I decided to go with that:


I will be designing and 3d-printing some end caps. My idea is store the ESC and BMS on the bottom cable-chain and use the top one to store more battery cells in case the bottom one runs out of space.

Any advice is appreciated!!

Will update once I manage to find someone who can machine the trucks for me!


Hey mate , i planing to build my first board too hahaha i think im gonna copy some of your work :smiley: can you send me your parts list where did you get it?

Hi! I just added links to everything in the parts list! Hope it helps!

im from madrid too :smiley: did you spot weld the battery by yourself?

Oh nice! I haven’t ordered the batteries yet, I want to wait until I have the whole transmission done. I plan on spot-weld them myself yes, with a makeshift spot welder from a car battery and a solenoid. Hopefully I don’t burn my house down!

Nice build. Seems like you read a lot before you started your build :wink: If you add a crossbar to your motor mounts it probably will hold the mounts better in position. good enough that you don’t need to machine the hanger.


Yeah! I hate to be one of those people who asks but don’t like to read! I made sure i knew every aspect of esk8’s before buying anything!

I’m actually going to build a cage too, with 2 or 3 crossbars (top-bottom or top-botom-back), like many people do.

Still, if there’s a chance I can make a really good design I’m taking it! (Plus I love that feeling when everything fits together so nicely). Right now a company has the hanger and they’re going to get back to me this week once they’ve decided if it’s worth it to do the job.

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Where did you get your enclosure ?

Igus is the company who sell them.

With 3 crossbars it should be sitting rock solid. The thing with machine the hanger is, if you one day want to swap them to a other truck you need to machine that one too. So a design without changing on the hanger makes you more independent.

I know you say yourself now it’s anyhow just for this board…buuut I see potential in you that your first build will not stay the last build :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It’s getting addicting very fast, believe me. There is always a need for a second board and a third and and and :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:

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oh just found it , what is the width and lenght you used ? im using the carver deck so i need it short :smiley:

Hahaha I actually haven’t thought of that! Hmm, I’ll wait and if they say no or if it is too expensive then I’ll just wing it with what I have.

But that’s a really good point, I’m going to need to rethink my options :thinking:, thanks!!

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I ordered 1,5m long (just in case) and 15cm wide (on the interior). I should be able to fit 2 rows of 1860 cells in there.

You should look into how trampa is mounting there mount to the truck. Just copy the clamping mechanism and your golden. Or buy some mount premade

im looking someone who can make me but cant find anyone :smiley: so i think im gonna do it by myself ,i just need to buy drill and fine saw :smiley: and can you correct my list please i need help from expert :smile:!3653&app=Excel&authkey=!ALfXwONwvgG99y4

Looks good, not sure about the switch though. I’ve seen some say it fails easily

is this better ?

Yeah that looks pretty good to me, it has some good reviews too.

Another option you might have seen is a xt90s loop key, it is not as elegant though


grab the 3dservisas anti spark. it’s tiny and supports massive currents and PTS without any extra wiring

its sold out D: and thx man i just saw this gear drive ,i think im gonna change my motor mount with this