First Build | Blank Deck | 192KV SK3 Motor | 8s Lipo | Enertion mount & pulley | VESC | Caliber II Trucks | Modded Torqueboards Enclosure

Hello guys. I’ve been lurking on these forums for the better part of the summer while i awaited the parts for my first build. I finally got it finished up about 2 weeks ago and have been having so much fun riding that i never even made a forum post lol. So, parts list is:

  • 192kv SK3 motor from hobbyking
  • 4x 4s 4000mAh zippy flightmax batteries (use 2 at a time in 8s and swap every 8km-9km)
  • blank freeride deck from customskateboards -caliber ii trucks, black -83mm flywheel clones
  • enertion motor mount and pulleys for 12mm drive
  • VESC from Torqueboards
  • 2x3s lipo enclosure, and esc enclosure from Torqueboards
  • Nano remote (winning) from Torqueboards
  • Misc wiring and connectors from hobbyking

This thing was super fun to build, even more fun to ride. I heatsinked up my vesc on the fets to give me a little boost up hills. I can do 34km/hr on flats, 32 up hills, and 38 down hills. before heatsink i could reach the same downhill and flat speed, but the uphill speed was reduced to 25 km/hr. I’m thinking for next summer ill use all the same parts but either make or get a custom battery pack for low profile and better distance. I only get about 8km-9km of range on this thing but i mainly ride it around my suburbs at night anyways which make for about a half hour ride. I have and extra pair of batteries so i can swap if i really feel like i need to ride some more :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice first build. Looks pretty sweet and simple. I like simplicity.

Hence why my ongoing build looks almost identical :joy:

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very nice! i’d be interested to see what it looks like when you’re finished

How is the flex of the board and how long did it take you to get the board? I’m looking into taking my Acton Blink Lite electronics + trucks/motor and putting it on a Blank Freeride Longboard for better cruising over bumps and deep cracks. If you could even show the flex in a video that would be awesome!

It doesn’t flex much, but it definitely flexes ( i only weight 160lbs though). I got the board within 7 days of ordering and it shipped to Canada. Unfortunately I can’t get you a video since I moved back to school and left my baby at home because the roads here are terrible.

I have the same freeride deck. It took about two weeks from the point of ordering to get from California to Minnesota.

There’s a fair amount of flex in it that I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting a single enclosure on it. Check out @rpn314’s video of him putting stress on a similar deck made by the same company:

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Some carbon fiber or fiber glass layer should make it stiff enough for separate enclosures. It is just plain wood so that is why it is so flexible I am guessing.

mine doesn’t flex nearly as much as that. but again, i don’t know the weight of that rider. I also asked them to make it with the stitffest wood possible for minimum flex.

Just an update…ive been home from school for the last 2 weeks and have ordered a BMS, and a power button back in september. With my free time ive installed the BMS and power button and they both seem to be working well although i haven’t been able to ride (canada winter :frowning: ) . With these new parts installed it got me thinking about how inconvenient the 4000mAh capacity on my 8s setup is… giving me about 10 km of range. So i just impulse bought 2x 8000mAh 4s batteries…i figure this should give me closer to a 30km range, at the same speed.

hi I am considering going for the same 2x 4s 8000 mAh battery (8s) for my board what range do you get ?the 30 km is a bit optimistic at lest acording to have you tested the range or is it still 1 m snow i Canada ?

@m4almbergs hey, i was riding for the end part of the summer, so i was able to test it with my old config (4000mAh), and unfortunately there is a buncha snow so i cant ride the new batteries :frowning: . im at school for the year anyways so i suppose it isnt the end of the world. the batteries are sitting in a box in my bedroom back home waiting to be wired into my BMS. and you’re probably right about the optimistic estimate of 30km, but i would probably assume closer to around 15-20km range (again, untested >.<). Sorry I couldn’t give you and definitive data.

No problem. I am deciding if i should go for 8000 or 10000 mah battery solution

if they aren’t too much bigger or pricier, i would do the 10000 just because. i just got mine because i got a good deal on them :smiley:

I am thinking about going for the 8000mAh option because i will do it out of 4 x 2s 8000mha batteries in 8s1p. this way I will have a enough range 15km + and a supper slim board ( 17-20mm ) :sunglasses:

I can’t decide on motor. i want to go fro the sk3 6364-245kv for a top speed of 35 km/h but i am afraid that it won’t start from a stand still… you say you get 34 km/h max with the 192kv motor and 32km/h up hill so I assume you can consistently get 30 km/h speed.

how easy can you start from a stand still?

I can get a decent start from stand still, but i notice i get more torque than a single drive can put down, so i get wheel spin before i have issues with power. I typically give it a push to start.

ok i understand, can i aske how much you weigh ?

i weigh around 160lbs