First build - BMS and charger choice

Good BMS and charger for 12s3p 18650 SONY US18650VTC4 2100mA. In terms of BMS I was looking at Daly products from AliExpress and in case of charger this one was tempting me 50.4v 3a Lithium Battery Electric Bike Charger For 12s 44.4v Li-ion Battery Pack E-bike Charger High Quality Plug Eu/us/uk/au - Chargers - AliExpress. I’m using vesc 6 (Storm Core) and I come from Poland (Europe). Could you help me or point me where can I read more about this topic? Thanks in advance : )

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Nope, you need a charger that will shut off at 80 or 90 percent. Your battery will last TWICE as long. Go to Luna fast bikes. 48v 3amp Luna Mini Charger - Luna Cycle

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Unfortunately I can not use this charger, it’s usage, according to its description, is limited to USA and I’m from Europe : ( Any imternational alternatives?

Daly 12s bms is a good choice. As for chargers, becareful with what you buy. However, if you add a fuse on the charge port, you can try your luck with that charger. Because if it does have issues, the fuse will break first before the bms.

As for the review, it seems to work well, but I would go and buy a charger from esk8 vendors. There should be some in the EU side.