First build, brainstorm sesh?

After testing out a boosted board from a buddy of mine, I’ve decided that I want to start my own project to have ready for the summer. I am fairly good with the mechanics and the normal board stuff but some of the electronics are kinda lost on me.

I’ve already decided on a few things;

  • I will be using a mountain board as a base
  • Dual motors, chain driven
  • I’m looking for a theoretical top speed of ~40-50km/h with 8 inch wheels
  • A big battery, depending on where I’m working my commute is between 10 and 30km round trip. (Can charge at work)

Basically from what I’ve read, I’m shooting for an overkill (and expensive (and difficult)) monster but due to the length of the winter here I’ve got plenty of time to learn as I go and even more time to re-coop the expenses. So I think I’ll be needing the two motors, two high amp ESCs, a high voltage BMS or balance charger, a (likely custom) battery and a bunch of misc connectors, wires, Bluetooth stuff and such.

One of my ideas so far is to integrate the throttle into the existing handbrake, and to work the brake from the ESC/motor into some sort of deadman switch to stop the board if I fall.

So far this is entirely hypothetical since I don’t want to pull any triggers or invest too much time in a fevered dream, what is everyones thoughts on this? Possible? Practical? What are some reputable brands for parts? How many parts did I forget? Lemme know, and shoot any ideas you’ve got. -Zed

I can help you with the battery… (Y)

Right on man! I think I’d be looking for a 10 or 12S, 4P 16000mAh+ from what I’ve read… or am I off my rocker on that one?

Most you can get right now without breaking the bank would be 12,480mah Sony VT6 18650 cells. That would be capable of delivering 120A continuous. 10s or 12s, your choice but I would go with 10s personally.

Gotcha, so could I throw a BMS in there for charging and be good to go with a power brick or would a bank of those need a balance charger? Batteries are like my kryptonite, they’re JFM.

Yeah absolutely, BMS and a 42v 2-5A power brick. :thumbsup: I can supply it all of you’d prefer?

Oh sweet, even better. Not buying any parts until I have it all sussed out. But roughly how much $$ are we looking at? I’m on the Canadian dollar but freedom bucks are easy to convert

£310 + shipping, including spot welded pack with flex, BMS & 42v charging brick… :thumbsup:

Could do Sony 30q cells which would make a 60A pack for £265.

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Seems reasonable, I don’t know if 60A would be enough for dual 6374.

The battery in the second pic looks exactly like what I’ve got in my head, and would be mounted on the top of the board between my legs. Would the cells need some kind of cooling being so close together? My only experience with 18650s is laptop batteries and they can get pretty hot with only a few cells.

No, no cooling necessary. So you want a box battery huh? No problem :thumbsup:

60A might be just enough, better to go more than less though…

Ok good, whew. The less moving parts the better. I’ve just started looking into ESCs and such so I’ll likely be in touch in the near future. Is there not issues with shipping Li-ion internationally or something? Could sworn I read something along those lines not too long ago.

I have a carrier that will handle them