First Build Complete Kind of

Hey guys so I built my first board and it works well coming to the problem but when I mount it the board doesn’t move me at all I think its just spinning its wheel in the back. It’s a mono build and I think that maybe the issue I’m 6’7 310-320 depending on the day. I have the 2.40-1 rat so I’m guessing I need more torque to move my size and weight or should I does my size force me to get a duel build?

Build spec is 190kv tb motor 12s 8000mah

What ESC are you using? It should be able to move you. If you are using a vesc you may have to change some settings.

enertion vesc plat

Can you post some screenshots of your settings? Have you configured the VESC?

Why didn’t u get 149kv 6473 motor? Im 210 an have single motor set up and it push me to 30 on flts with 16/36 and 83mm wheels, i think with that load 300lbs even with 149kv and a torque gearing setting u would need a fual diagonal is a lot of weigh for a single

ys give me a min or so ill get it up

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I’ll never buy from HobbyKings they tired to steal 155 dollars from me and I have to go to small claims to get my money back since paypal was useless and my bank could rule in my favor. I’ll die before I give them a since cent again.

That sucks i never had any issues with them, even their shipping is always super fast? We are u located?

I just went with some info I found I bet I didn’t program it right, I’ll be happy if it just that.

Change your max voltage to 57. That is probably why it isn’t working.

Are you using lipo?

I live in San Diego, in short I ordered 3 things from them 2 motors and a dc charger. They only sent me out the charger and never gave me the motors and they told me the order is closed and wouldn’t give me back my money. Paypal sided with them saying I got the package but the package only had the charger in it and they basically told me to piss off. So I called my bank tried to get my money back from them still no, so I went to court opened suit vs them and my court date is soon and I’ll get my money back and time I put into this so basically suing them for like 500$ now since all the time I used for this bs. Hobbyking imo can burn in hell but remember I’m not bitter haha.

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ya 12s 8000mah lipos 35c

Well is actually good that you did all that, fu…ck that, thats BS man let us know how it went once u go to court

max input voltage to 57?

you know it

Yeah. That is the default. It is what you are supposed to use. You may be getting voltage spikes.

Your motor max could also be increased to 40-50. It may go past 40 for a few seconds when you are first starting.

I’ve switched it and it’s still the same thing just feels like the motor is shacking but not moving the wheel.