First Build: Created a Parts List would like to know if all is compatible! [12s, VTC 5, 190kv motor]

Please if someone could tell me if the parts will play well together in this list! :slight_smile: I have experience with electronics for sure, I have been building computers, repairing phone, doing car audio, an ecig enthusiast etc for the longest time, but I have no RC, robotics, or mechanical knowledge whatsoever! I don’t know if this thing will go forward if I assemble it all as I would imagine doing so… If I receive constructive criticism or encouragement I will move forward and order these base parts and locally source everything beyond and I do promise to post a detailed write up of the fabrication process which will be low budget yet waterproof and pleasant on the eyes which I do also promise so please help put up 1 more for this page it will be unique! I have already a board with trucks wheels and bearings that I intend to use and what I intend to buy for the conversion to electric power is as follows: Wheels (for mounting the motor) Blank Pro 90mm Multiple Color Longboard Flywheels + ABEC 7 Bearings + Spacers Motor Assembly Motor 6355 190KV products/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-190kv Motor Mount Turnigy Skateboard Conversion Belt System 36T ABEC PULLEY COMBO KIT products/36t-abec-pulley-combo-kit Batteries (will be fabricating them as a pack with charging and level indicator with parts I shall decide later) VTC5 (For 2x12S2P) Remote TORQUEBOARDS 2.4GHZ NANO REMOTE CONTROLLER collections/electric-skateboard-parts/products/torqueboards-2-4ghz-nano-remote-controller Receiver 2.4GHZ NANO RECEIVER collections/remote-controller/products/2-4ghz-nano-receiver VSEC VESC 4.12 - VEDDER’S SPEED CONTROLLER

do you have a spot welder and powerful soldering iron?

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Powerful solder iron yes! Spot welder no. I want to invest in one but otherwise know of alternative solutions. I understand the fundamentals of power and ensure safe handling because I know what a failed or failing lithium ion can do! Terrible things at that, I worked at a vape shop for a year in a half, kids liked to use 18350 batteries for .03ohm coils I’d make 'em remove the battery on entry xD One older guy thought it was okay to use a non resistance flashlight spring as vapo-wire waaayyy too much amp draw, IDEK to this day how it fired, immediately fixed him up with resistance wire however! I promise I will be safe in my ventures. Mostly just need to know if the hardware plays well because I’m not farmiliar with these kind of boards…

Good pick on the Ollin VESC, but sadly he’s sold out, and with his recent announcement to focus on completes, he may not be offering these again. If someone can confirm otherwise, awesome. I’ve used two of his for two years for my commute, and I’d buy again.

Haven’t used a FOCBOX myself, but would consider if one my VESCs blew bad and I couldn’t get an Ollin VESC anymore.

@surprisebirthday mm welll thanks for telling me that. I wouldve ordered and been waiting forever xD I don’t see anything about sensors on the focbox tho its the same pricepoint which is awesome. will the ride still be smooth without sensor? I’ve read allot of info tonight overhauled and read for the last 7 hours or more been up like 20+ hours now xD If itll still be a good experience i imagine i could even go for a cheaper motor because i only went for the one i selected for the sensors…

Well, now I’m out of my element. :smile:

Focbox supports sensors. Using hall sensors is usually done to help starting from a stand still, otherwise how “smooth” the ride is will be affected by other factors like your motor and battery settings, your gearing, your motors, and your batteries.

I rode motors in FOC without sensors in the past. Super smooth yet strong acceleration. I needed to give a little kick push, but that also feels more natural to me than just standing on my board. I don’t think sensors are needed to have a quality ride. That said, I’m trying sensored motors out for the first time on my next build because I’m curious. :slight_smile:

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You will need trucks too and I would not solder batteries use a spot welder

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I plan on assembling my battery pack in this fashion. I find it funny I found this after choosing vtc5 as the battery I wanted to use personally my reasoning was the high amp rating and because I know where to cheaply source them…

Thank you. I’m glad the focbox supports sensors from what i understand the vsec doesn’t know the position of the motor if it is not sensored so it spams current to the motor in a fashion that can cause slightly inconsistent acceleration when releasing and reapplying throttle and in a few other situations. It’s not the biggest issue in the world if that were true I just figured if I’m gonna build an esk8 that it would be nice to build one the best of all worlds. Regardless you are correct I overlooked the specs sheet the other day because I’d stayed up all night researching here and other sites trying to make an estimate of cost and plan my future build, I was beyond exhausted haha! Again thank you so much for your recommendations! I can’t wait to order all these parts as soon as I can and once I start the build I will update this post as progress is made. Thank you everyone! I’m so glad to join this community it is so friendly and positive what you guys have here it is like none other. :slight_smile:

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