First Build Done I Honey DFR V3 I Dual Kaly 6355 I Stealth Mounts I 10s4p I Dual FOCBoxes I Caliber Trucks I Ollin Popoca Wheels

Hey Everyone, I wanted to post my first build. Thank you to all the forum members who helped answer my questions and who’s posts taught me so much. Special thanks to @Enigmacpl03 and @mikenyc

Parts: Honey DFR V3 Deck ( Caliber Trucks ( Kaly 6355 Motors Stealth Motor Mounts ( Psychotiller 10s4p ( Psychotiller Signature Low Pro 22" ( Enertion FOCBox ( Enertion Nano X remote ( Ollin Popoca Wheels ( Zealous Bearings (

Here are my VESC Settings for review

BLDC Hybrid

Motor Max: 50a (Kaly Max 60a) Motor Min (regen): 30a Batt Max: 50a Batt Min (regen): 7a Absolute Max: 130a (default)


Nice job my man.

The wire management outside of the enclosure is especially neat.

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Real sick my dude. :kissing_heart:

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Thanks Guys

So neat. So clean. :metal:t3::sunglasses::metal:t3:

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Oh, I also found a neat product for impact and vibration reduction. 3M 2228 Rubber Electrical tape (

I used it to protect my mounts, stop vibration, even as a riser under my trucks.

Wow! That sure doesn’t look like a first build! :+1:

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First build? Great job. Neat. :clap: :white_check_mark:

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Thanks guys, I read my eyeballs off and slowly got there. For any new builders, just take one step at a time.

I am still a little unsure of my settings, new build worries. I am running a dual FOCBox setup using split PPM, both vescs are setup separately (motor detection and all), I have a 10s4p 30Q pack. Is my Battery Max and Absolute Max correct? Kay 6355’s have a max of 60a.

What are the parts showing up on each side of the front truck? Seems to be your truck riser?

Yes and I have shred Lights brackets

Ah got it! My curiosity has been answered.