First Build | Dual Hub Motor | Internal Planetary Gearbox | 4260 300KV | VESC

Not that much. :neutral_face: I still waiting on the EDM machine but I have hope that I can use it in de next 2 weeks.

I also made a stupid mistake by trusting that the outer diameter of the motors where the same (there was 0.15mm different). Therefore, I need to make some parts for the second time.

Enough of the negativity. I made some parts, pictures :grin:

One part I made again, this time 0.15mm smaller so now it is perfect.

I also made the first trunk axle. It is almost finished.

I can’t wait do drive it :grinning:


Love this rite here

So the first gear is finally there

And the rest…


That’s looking great!

Are those rubber sealed bearings?

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yes all the bearings I use are 2rs. So rubber sealed.

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Do you think there’ll be any issues with the seals having more resistance than shields?

99% of skate and longboards i see are rubber sealed (RS). So i say no problem. Less dirt but a very bit more friction the choice is yours

The extra resistance of a rubber seal bearing vs a steel shielded bearing is not that much, but the sealing is a lot better. The steel sealing doesn’t protect the bearing from sand and other small things. Therefor the bearing will be damaged a lot faster and the resistance will be a lot higher.

@nordle I saw your original post. A friend of my made a hub motor but he has problems at low speeds(bad breaking/acceleration), so a reduction is necessary if you ask me. The problem was that I like hub motors because you cannot see that it is electric. So there it was a hub motor with reduction.
Another thing that I like is building something unique and off course the challenge of building it.


Not necesary i think if you take low kv 50 to 100 i can calculate speeds around 30-40km/h for longboard sized wheels. That is what our belt friends mostly aim for. Really nice work however, i always like to see new exciting builds!

I believe the typical skate bearings use non contact rubber seals, not the contact rubber seals like these ones pictured

I can’t see enough for that from the picture

@TSG_AU @Nordle this are standard ball bearings, not low friction or non-contact seal bearings. But it is an electric skateboard so I can deal with the extra friction.

UPDATEEE :heart_eyes:

The last couple of days I had some time to do some lathe and ADM work. First, I made a gear profile in the motor “hub”. After that, I made the gear the right length end internal dimensions. I also changed the sensors for the motor. Thereby I was able to lower the sensor PCB by 1 mm. just enough to fit everything in the wheel assembly.

Thereby the first part of the assembly is now finished. I have all the internal parts of the hub motor.

Time for picatures :grin:


A other day in de workshop. I finished the wheel axle and made the first rim with EDM.


So i finished the first hub today.


so the motor made its first spin :sunglasses:


Amazing work man! Great job and can you post a video when its finished?

Of course I am going to do that.

So silent, top notch work :slight_smile: