First Build | Dual Hub Motor | Internal Planetary Gearbox | 4260 300KV | VESC


So this will be my first DIY build electric skateboard. Oke my first (electric) skateboard at all. First my name. I am Frank Pot from the Netherlands and I am 21 years old. Currently studying Mechanical engineering in Groningen. A little time ago, a friend of my (@zeinstra) was building an electric skateboard. After seeing him drive, I had to build my own so here I am. Many things will be new for me, so have I absolutely no experience with skating or anything like it. To learn some skating before I can drive electric I bought a second hand board.


The next problem was the design. Belt, inline or hub motor. The first thing what fell of was the belt drive. I do not like external belt/motors. The following problem was that most inline/hub motors do not have a reduction. That was one of the disadvantages of the inline drive of Eldert Zeinstra(if you ask me). So I want a direct or hub motor with a reduction. The only solution what I thought of was a planetary gearbox in front of the motor. So some evenings behind the pc and I had a design of the wheel.

I am now in the stage that I buy all the necessary stuff so I hope I can give you some nice updates the coming time about process.

Best Regards, Frank Pot


Nice, but the 4260 300kv motor will be a Alien’s one?

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really nice design, but you should use a bigger motor! 5065 at least but a 6355 with >=90mm wheels would be awesome!

and the down side of gears is the noise!! looks stealth but they will hear you coming!!

Be prepare to use grease on those gears.

How wide will that system be?

@IsTalo The motors are indeed aliens.

@saul Bigger motors do not fit. This is the “easiest” design. About the noise. I think if you manufacture them right(I will make them) and use good lubrication the sound will be acceptable. If you look at the design you can see red lubricant behind the acrylic plate.


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Sick! Good to see more Dutchies building boards, time to get this shit legal

Nice design! Those motors should’t give any problems when you have a dual drive. We don’t have any hills in the Netherlands :slight_smile:

Very Kool !!!

so the mailmen came by yesterday.

Also the motors arrived last week.

Because of that i made a couple of changes. The design looks al little different now. To give you a look on the inside i made a small video with the disassembly of the wheel.


Amazing ! Really looking forward to your build once it’s over

Looks like stary:

@peter [email protected] yes the idea is the same but totally different designs. @trampalovesshekels i dont know what that has to do with my build. I also life in the Nederlands… So i didnt have any idea.

Today i put the motors on the lathe.


Weekend, so time for some tests. To be sure, that everything fits when I finaly make them of steel (C45). So I printed the Hub with my 3D printer and it fits perfect. Hopefully I have the materials next week so i can start. (don’t look at de quality of the print I know it is bad.)


Hi, great built, nice to see someone doing it differently and in fully DIY manner. How are ayou going to machine those internal teeth, are they gonna be broached on a CNC mill/lathe or wire EDM cut?

i am going to use EDM for the all the gears. hopefully i can do that next week.

Big moment :grinning:. I made the first parts today. Unfortunately, I could not do it before. Not long after my last post, I had an accident at football (Torn shoulder tendon). Since that moment, I cannot use my right arm. Therefore, turning on the lathe is a no go. Until today. I did some preparation for the EDM and made the first part. Enough for now, here are some pictures. :sunglasses:


today i made some other parts :smiley:


Lekker!! :ok_hand: Amazing project keep it up!! And keep us posted :grin:

What happened?

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