First build! EMTB, 12s10p, Quad drive - APS 6384s, Full Suspension, twin FOCBOX unity’, DieBieMS, 10" tyres, custom fabricated aluminium chassis

@Andy87 will do!! I reckon itll be a few months before build completion though. but thanks again for the help!!!

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@dareno no real budget constraints, the more expensive it is, the longer it will take to build… Whatever I buy sadly needs to be approved by the minister of war and finance… (Wife), and the more expensive it is, the more bunches of flowers that will need to be bought for forgiveness… I will definitely give them a look!! Thanks Woody

Yeah mine has kind of shut me down for a bit actually. Might be able to get round that suspension with a build for her though lol

Watch this for science. Its almost like a top gear episode.

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Crazy first build :crazy_face:!

Seems you have some skills to make it happen. I have no idea how you plan to mount the drivetrains on 2 moving rods (but tbh also never looked how BAJA does it).

I think sealed gear drive or chains are best. I had belts first but switched to gear drive which I prefer. No debris enters and after a muddy session cleaning of 2 drivetrains takes 10 seconds, with belt drive 15 minutes. There is nothing wrong with belts as long as you ride in dry conditions and catch no small rocks or hit the pulley. But no idea if sand and belt is a good combination.

4x 6384 130kv should give you so much power that you can mount a trailer for your wife (with plenty flowers) and still can enjoy the ride :laughing:

About the Amps, I think sand and loose dirt need a lot, in this video of @Duffman you see 176A max from battery which is really insane

Compared to my setup with 2x 6374 motors, my battery amp peaks are between 80-100A and the average is 30-60A depending on terrain and speed.

I did some hill climbing tests yesterday (because of new motors) and could climb 21-25° which is crazy (angle measured with mobile app).

It took only 90A motor amps and 45A battery amps to climb this hill. You need a certain speed to climb this incline, below 5 km/h I loose traction with 2WD. Also startng on this hill isn’t possble, burn outs only. 4WD should be better but never tried.

maybe most stupid rider here :laughing: Mindless riding is the most fun for me, above a certain speed I try to ride normal to protect myself. The fun started when I had full body armor and lost the fear of falling. BTW drifting 180° on leaves is very funny with 50% chance of failing.


@rich thanks heaps for the info!! I think gear drive or chain reduction drive like in the video you posted might be my best bet… I will finish the chassis and then I’ll check clearances and start planning all that. Not exactly sure which drive shafts BajaBoard uses but I was looking at needle universal slip shafts (available from most machine repair suppliers) as the have double uni joints which are great for high speed and are rated for ridiculous torque. I think your right in that I’ll be able to tow a trailer full of flowers for the wife! Haha she will come around to the idea when she gets to have a go I’m sure!! I look forward to your guidance on future drive options! Thanks again for all the help :+1::+1:

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Google showed me some pics, now I understand or at least I think so. Looking forward to see the next steps of your build.

When you talk about custom battery do you mean custom made from a battery builder or DIY?

Haha also possible but I meant your wife plus flowers


As much as to would love to DIY every part of this build (and I have just bought a book on lithium batteries) I think I might leave the battery to someone with experience and a decent spot welder. I will probably do battery/BMS last. I know I want 12s (I think -_-) just have to work out what 12s hahah but I definitely think a professional battery builder will take that part… what do you think? And the shafts… some like these…image


Where do you live? There are a number of members here that build battery packs so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one close to you.

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Im in Sydney Australia and have already made contact with a few :slight_smile: this forum is awesome for parts finding!!! However it also great at inducing buyers remorse HAHAHa the amount of parts I have bought but then been talked out of from further reading is insane hahahahaha


I’m also in Australia. From what I know, there are two battery builders based in Australia that are on this forum. @TinnieSinker and @Marsen. I had a battery pack built for my board (12s4p) by @Marsen and cannot recommend him highly enough. A good guy with great, honest service and advice. I’ve also heard great comments about @TinnieSinker as well. If you haven’t already, I’d give them a shout and go from there.

By the way, your build sounds insane man. I’ll be following this one for sure and can’t wait to see how you put it all together.

Also, as @rich mentioned above, the sealed gear drive units from @Nowind are a great option. I have these on my board and if you plan to be using your board off road, then this type of drive unit stands alone.

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Holy shit snacks! What a rig! Looking forward to seeing more of this :smiley:

That’s one huge battery you’re after, like 6kg of raw unadulterated giggles

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@TinnieSinker Weight is no issue here. This bastard will be too big to carry around anyways hahaha as long as it has enough batteries to get me home from where ever so I never have to carry it :joy::joy::joy: will message you and let you know dimensions available closer to the “electronics phase” and you can provide expertise in the “how much fun can you fit in that space” department :+1::+1:


Hey. Gearratio is possible upto 1:6.25 Custom parts are often expensive, most times it will be cheaper to change the hanger or hubs to go with excisting parts. Feel free to ask anytime Cheers

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@Nowind Hey Jens!! Thanks for the input man!! I’m a big fan of your awesome CNC drives. My idea is to have it around 1:6 and as there won’t be a hanger to mount it to, I was going to TIG some mounts to it and is it as the “hub” so to speak. So the wishbones will mount to it too and bottom, as will the steering tie rod. I think this would be the most suitable. I will try and draw my idea and PM it to you to see what you think? Thanks for the info!! Woody

Yeah do a drawing is the best. :+1:

Have a great day Dude.

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I saw this beasty and thought of your build!


one of the videos from the guy who wrote shit about @Kaly s work… :grimacing:

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Dog had a long day on the welder… Got the lower suspension wishbones welded up, decided steeel would be best for these, the rest of the setup and board will be aluminium, however decided the strength would be needed here. have some grinding down to do now to reduce the weight, then off to powder coat.

chassisframe Made all 4 just this is the best photo for size reference.

welddog shopdog Excuse his shaved patch… poor little fella had a tumor cut out.


Love how the board is coming along. Could you explain the basic mechanics of how it turns?

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Good that you got it early.

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