First Build - Finished

Finished my first esk8 build.

Specs BLR Longboard @hyperIon2 12S4P 30Q battery pack with BMS (the BEST customer service and product in the industry!) @dickyho 36T wheel pulleys, 15T motor pulleys, dual 6374 motors, 15mm belts, dual Maytech VESCs and mini remote @psychotiller enclosure @torqueboards 218mm trucks @Mikaelj motor mounts eBay 97mm wheels



Looks good Congrats on the new board

Looks good. Griptape reminds me of TMNT.


Looks awesome man! Put some abec11 on that and it would be sick.


Beautiful work Tres.

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Nice looking board.

Nice build. Post some pics. And how much was the investment? Did you use inner bearing inside wheel pulley?

How much did it cost you?

These are the bearings I used inside the wheel pulleys.

Picture of the underside. I need to install shorter bolts for the enclosure.



Good looking build. About the bolts, you can use a dremel and a cut off wheel to make them the exact size you want.

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Maybe that’s what he did. :roll_eyes:

Nice looking build! Some Re-Fly’s with the green core would look sick on this.

Awesome build man! I agree green abecs would knock this out of the park. You should shout @Eboosted for the griptape inspiration lol

Great build man!!! Awwwwww…it reminds me of the fun times I spent with the Darth Maul


Still having them??

Nice build! Any chance to post a side view?