First Build for a E-Skateboard

i am building a E-board for the first time and i wanted to know if this fits all together so does it?

Batteries 4x:

Vesc: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/

Motors (130KV 6S) + Trucks and Wheels: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-hub-motor-single/


BMS (Do i need more?) :

Charger: and

Percentshower for Battery:

If you have any suggestions just post away:-)

PS: i live on a hill in Bern Switzerland do you think this is enough power?

Hi Tim - depending on your weight - a hub motor (especially only one) might not work great for you. I’d likely suggest a more typical motor mount w/ belts and gears - allows gearing down for better hill performance and lower speeds.

A couple suggestions on edits:

Batteries - i’d get direct from HK if you can, but i’d also go for the 30 or 40c+ versions of the 5000mAh - less voltage sag and better performance.

VESC - looks good. I have a few from DIYes and just be moderate w/ settings sticking to BLDC not FOC for best reliability.

Remote - i’d go GT2b instead of that one. You can 3d print a smaller enclosure (Badwolf, flatline customs, master cho or okp also).

BMS - you don’t need if you use a regular charger. and for lipos - i like to pull them to charge. Inspect and make sure good to go.

Charger - i’d look at the iMAX B6ACV2 instead - has integrated power for simplicity. Most of the others you need to buy a separate power supply to power the charger. Only 5A charging is a bit slow but works well.

Again - how heavy and how steep a hill in %? 10%, 20%, ???

im like 70-80Kg and the hill is like this

thx for the tipps may i post you the new setup for a nother review?

is there a cheaper option like a 5s battery?

I would stick to Hobbyking for their batteries as they are usually a lot cheaper than those resold on ebay or amazon.

Perfect example - your 3s 5000mAh 20c cells are ~$35. Same price as 40c cells on HK:

Amp capacity - what it can deliver constant = 40 * 5 = 200A capacity

Another good option is the 8000mAh 30c pack (C * Ah = 240A capacity) for $10 more - (~$45):

Sign in or wait on the page before you order - it should give you a lower price.

The thing i like about 3s cells - you can dial in power by adding more in series. I give my GF’s board to her usually with 2x3s 6s 8Ah zippy flightmax’s listed above. Good power but not too much for a beginner. Then when i ride i can add a 3rd for 9s, or 4th for 12s.

So for “cheaper” - and especially as you learn - i’d run 6 or 9s and then add a 4th for 12s when you are experienced and ready!