First Build - Help - College Student Summer Project

Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster. So this summer I’ve decided to build my first board as a personal project. I originally was looking at a few kits, but after looking at reviews and doing a lot of research, I think it would be fun to start from scratch!

About me: I’m a small guy sitting at about 130lbs who has been skating for a lot of my life and just got into esk8 about a year ago and I’m looking to build a board to replace my onan x2. Terrain I ride on ranges from decent pavement to cracked and raised sidewalks.

Spec Reqs:

Belt Drive heavily prefered

Speed: preferably above 25mph

Range: preferably over 8-10 miles, but this board is just for fun and transport around campus

Hill Climbing: Not planning on attacking any steep inclines regularly, but I wouldn’t mind the ability to climb an average incline should it be presented.

Budget: ≈ $750 USD, give or take some.

I like the look of the Skate Metric “Patriot” build, which I can link below, but I don’t really need all the power that it provides. I also enjoy Evolves 2 in 1 boards as I do have some rough ish terrain. “Patriot Build” by Skate Metric

Overall, I know the parts and how to put everything together, I just can’t seem to find the right ones for me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Make a list of parts you think you want and we can help you from there

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Here’s a list of all parts you need & commonly used parts. Use this to put together a list of parts like @ZachTetra said

Go here to do more reading

I believe he’s looking into making a eMTB (he linked to a Patriot build guide)

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I can’t speak from personal experience but the kit that the skatemetric patriot build uses isn’t the greatest there’s a thread somewhere on here about it I would recommend reading.


None of that diyeboards crap amirite?

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I’m pretty sure it’s diyeboards stuff. I can’t find the thread rn but i remember the guy having all sorts of problems with it.

Edit: found the thread

I think you should probably go with a small battery, 12s2p, a single drive 6355-6374, caliber trucks, @dickyho or @boardnamics mounts, and a small deck like @JLabs tayto. A single cheap vesc torqueboards or flipsky.

That should be in your budget, give you around 10 miles, maybe more, and 25+ mph.

I am selling a “new” (1 charge cycle) 12s2p Miami electric 30q battery with bms and new popoca wheels. Let me know if you are interested.

Edit:maybe can go dual 5055 for better traction and braking ability. But would add to the price.


I can vouch for @dickyho motor mounts, excellent quality and customer service!

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So heres what im looking at for a parts list.

Mount: Caliber II motor mount from Boardnamics or Dickyho’s mounts $20

Battery, Charger and Enclosure: 12s2p from DIYelectricskateboards $330

Belt and Pully system: 36T ABEC Pulley 12mm Combo Kit $50

Motor: BuildKitBoards 6374 190kv $135 **updated

ESC:Torque Board ESC $90

Trucks: Caliber Trucks Cal II 44° RKP $40

Wheels: Ill figure it out lol $50

Deck : something 8" wide, with a 20" wheel base $85

Remote:2.4 Ghz Two Speed remote

Total: $850

Thoughts?? Reccomendations??

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You need a charger and remote but that all looks good

The 12s Comes with a charger😅 my bad

Not specifically an eMTB, but I would like the option for larger tires if possible

I can sell you 12s2p battery and 90mm popocas wheels for $220 plus shipping… Both new, battery was used and charged just once.

Also I have a maestro mini deck new:

It can go for $90.

You might want to go with this one:


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ay bro id be taking up the deal with @BruSkater . tis a pretty sweet deal


I went with the maytech cause it’s sealed and my area tends to start raining out of nowhere. From what I’ve read, sealed motors tend to add an extra bit of weather proofing

if you’re serious about it raining out of the blue, that TB enclosure is going to be an unfortunate story for you. You’ll need to buy Gasket glue, a phat gasket, and I would even conformal coat my electronics because I’m just paranoid like that.

If you use silicone to cover(don’t cover your VESC or BMS, they need the ability to dissipate heat) or seat your electronics remember to get neutral cure, as it wont harm some of your electronics like regular silicone will

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Good to know! Luckily when I say rain usually it’s just a slight drizzle, but I definitely plan on weather proofing the enclosure