First build @ Jet Spud | Dual FOCBOX + 5045 + marcmt88 mounts | 10s4p SpaceCell | Nano-X

Hola everyone!

I have spent the last 3 months reading and collecting parts from mostly other members of this wonderful forum :ok_hand: and now here I am with few hundreds of euros out of my pockets… and few more still to go :smile:

I found it by chance while looking for parts to improve my concave skateboard… and there is no way back :blush: . . So, this is my parts list so far, really looking forward to complete it and fly around Madrid with it!

  • Deck: Jet Spud by @JLabs with sanded borders (visible wooden layers), mate varnish and black sand

  • Wheels: 90mm Flywheel clones by @JLabs + 97mm R-Spec by Enertion (on their way) + Abec 11 107mm Flywheels (on their way)

  • Pulleys: Dual 36T 12mm by @JLabs

  • Trucks: Caliber II 184mm

  • BT Module: VESC BT adapter by @JLabs

  • Mounts: Dual Caliber II mounts by @marcmt88

  • VESC: Dual FOCBOX by Enertion

  • VESC Case: ALU CNC for dual FOCBOX case by @Kug3lis | 3D printed mount by @JLabs (to be decided based on enclosure)

  • Remote: Nano-X by Enertion

  • Enclosure: Custom fiberglass by @myself | Custom enclosure by @Eboosted (to be decided)

  • Battery: Raptor2 SpaceCell 10s4p purchased to @plantje

  • Lights: 6W LED lights, I love them but too expensive (to be decided)

. . . Things to be done/purchased, my knowledge still a bit low on the electronics side:

. . . Some pics to test how parts will look like together:

. . . Many thanks to:

  • @JLabs for his great customer support with (he sent me for free a FOCBOX mount that came broken thanks to shipment agency plus a bolt kit).
  • @marcmt88 for his strong mounts and support.
  • @Kug3lis for his inventions, that FOCBOX case is a piece of art.
  • @tueboard por descubrirme el mundo del e-Skate en español.
  • All the rest for their contributions to the community, knowledge in this place is unvaluable.

Why not go with a METR Bluetooth Module?

Hi, if I’m not wrong the METR is just the app, you could use any BT module. I’m also not sure if my module will fit with the FOCBOX but I hope so :slight_smile:

I still have to research & clear out all the connections… that’s my biggest challenge now.

Nha, the METR app only works with the module. No other BTM will work with the app. BTM’s are fairly small and should fit with no problem.

No radio modules inside the case :wink: It’s faraday cage so you will not have any signal :slight_smile:

Nah I meant the connectors, I read that Faraday thing many times :smile: :smile:

Will be plenty of space in the enclosure as I plan to use your case apart with the dual FOCBOX.

Cool thanks, good to know.

To be honest least thing I worry about now is BT module :laughing:

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That is nearly exactly the build that I had in mind for my brother. Same deck, same motors, also with focboxes Just wanted to go 10s 3p and smaller wheels.

Really looking forward to your conclusion about how it rides. Also: how much space do you have between the motors?

Almost nothing, less than 5mm.

My main concern is to wire the battery… I hope to get it delivered on monday, not sure how it comes. I guess I would need all the parts I listed in the OP.

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enhorabuena Pablo!

please share your board here too :slight_smile:

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Done :slight_smile:

are the esc cases water resistant bro?

Not really… joints/bolt holes are not sealed but nothing you cannot achieve with some silicone & loctite :slight_smile:

Hi I was just wondering if the bms you got works with the raptor 2 battery and if so what settings you set for the bms or if it is just hooked up with factory settings?

Hi @Boxer86!

Nope not yet… too busy at work, but summertime arrived to Madrid so I will set it up soon.

It should work as far as I have checked with some members… and with default settings, as if I’m not wrong Bestech BMS’s come with settings set by default depending on the voltage and so on, not possible to modify them.

Anyway, I’m not an expert on this field so I’m still reading on the shadow… just to be sure I don’t mess it up.

Do you also have same plans?

Yes I was hoping to do the same thing. I am in Australia so can’t get battery packs from overseas so this looks like my best option other than lipos. Do you know if I can charge the pack just using a balance charger or are there too many individual cells? Also did you get the Bestec bms in the end?

Everybody told me here it is possible, actually the previous version of that battery came with a built-in BMS.

From this one you have the power wires + the balance wires with a different connector than the one that comes with the BMS (female on the board, male with 20cm wires), but it’s just a matter of resoldering the wires to the right connector.

It should work :slight_smile:

And yeah, I got the BMS from a group buy, similar to this one:

Did this bms ever end up working for you?

Yup, it’s working like a charm :slight_smile:

Now I have different deck but the rest is the same, I have to post the update but it works fine.

So your previous link doesn’t work anymore but what bms did you end up going with and how hard was the work to get it working? (I’ve got someone trying to sell me an enertion 10s4p pack) with no bms and I’d like to understand how hard it will be