First build: Jet Vulcan 35", TB 218mm, Dual TB 6355, Graphene 10s, Dual Focbox, Nano-X, Hard case Enclosures

Hi Esk8 world,

This is my first build and first skateboard. I have a lot of experience with RC planes/quads and when I learned about the DIY esk8 world I knew I had to build one. My friend has a boosted board and I wanted something that would at least match it in speed and range. I chose the monoprice hard case for my enclosures because they are cheap, durable and easy to open frequently. I chose to mount them with 1.25" skate hardware to keep things simple and strong. I have had good experience with the Turnigy Graphene batteries in RC so I chose to use them on this build. After careful checking of the battery dimensions I found the 4000mah 5s 65c battery to be the perfect fit for the monoprice case. Two of them fit like a glove in the case with just enough room for the series harness.

Jet Vulcan Classic 35: Monoprice Hard Case: Torqueboards 218mm Trucks: collections/dual-motor-mechanical-kit/products/dual-motor-mechanical-kit Orangatang Nipples Bushings: Battery Indicator: Graphene 4000mAh 5s1p 65c battery: 1.75" Stainless hardware for use with 1/2" risers: Nano-X Controller: FOCBox ESC: 1/2" Risers:

Updates to come


sick build! why did you shell out the extra cash for the TB extended trucks if you only were gonna use 6355? those can fit on a normal caliber 2 truck.

Thanks! I wanted the stability and room to upgrade to 6374. And I think they look cool.


I used 1/2" woven cable sleeve to house the phase and sensor wires and secured them with a 3/8" rubber cushion clamp with 1" skate hardware going through one of the optional truck mounting holes. I am using @deckoz’s dual micro idler method using the motor mounting holes. Waiting on belts right now.


Nice dude. Looks great man.

Both motors mounted up. I angled the cushion clamps inward to guide the wires toward the hole in the enclosure.


I am trying to set up my focbox’es and I’m having issues. The signal light on the slaved focbox flickers when I run the motors and its motor makes some cogging noises at high speed. I tried running it straight off the receiver and it works fine. Thoughts anyone?

nice build. don’t know if you’re still active but how did that mono price box turn out? did it work well? did the box ever open up while riding on rough terrain?