First build! Just showing what i got πŸ˜‰ 38inch downhill cruiser, caliber 44 trucks, diyes 12s2p battery and motor mount/ drive gear, mini rc controller, focbox esc, shredloghts, and those custom touches of style 😎


looking good!

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Looks great dude. What’s it like riding? Speed? Did you need risers for the trucks? Cool touches. Love the graphic!

The black dye turned your 90mm flywheels to 97mm lol :joy:


what deck dju use and did you spraypaint it?



@cryo whoops i posted the wrong after pic lol, i dyed both sets of wheels that day​:sweat_smile: @Lionpuncher, it is much smoother than my evolve gt, gets over 20 mph no problem, goes up hills well and feels really nice with the vicious grip! I just added the bluetooth module last night as well (havent got to see my top speed yet) :laughing: and yes i had to use 1/2" risers but dont mind the carviness they added

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@stormboard1 i used a blank deck from for about $40 and sprayed black flex seal on the bottom after drilling out my enclosure mounts

hell yeah this looks great!

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Yea really like having the module installed. Using @Ackmaniac 's app. Didn’t even bother with a volt meter to keep it more stealth. The app is amazing. Even without the firmware (struggled loading it, will be revisiting in the spring), its so convenient to have access to all the metrics. Love how this community pushes with passionate innovators.

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nice turned out great. how dju dye the abe s never seen this before wanna do it when i get a set the black is soo much nicer

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How much range are you getting out of that 12s2p?

@stormboard1, just buy polyester dye from the fabric store, get a pot big enough for 4 wheels, bring solution to a boil then remove from heat. Wait a few minutes for pot bottom to cool down and stir continuosly. Drop in wheels and wait 45 minutes. Clean with soap n water and finish with an isopropyl wipe :slight_smile: @joeadams101, i havent got to test the range just yet cuz work and seattle weather :persevere:


I seeee. How much are you estimating?

nice and theyv lasted black?

@joeadams101, im guessing around 14-16 mile range with mostly flats. It accelerates quite nice for a single motor! @stormboard1, yes it has lasted very nicely.


if im getting 90s ill do this

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Be careful; it will turn them into 97s


A couple of changes to the board with TB 218 trucks, much thinner risers and a dual idler mount from @marcmt88😁. The clamp on the mount feels waay more secure than the TB motor mount, great work!!Just waiting on the belts and the weather to take it for a ride!


@Dmaxx hows the paint holding ? did you use a primer or clearcoat