First Build! |Landyachtz nine-two-five| Paris 180mm| Turnigy 6364 190Kv| 10s4p 18650 LG HGS| TorqueBoard VSEC| SuPower 10s BMS|GT2B 2.4GHz|Lots of 3D printing

So i am a first time builder, longtime longboarder and I have recently become obssessed with Electric longboarding after riding some of my friends boards. I’ve spent the past two weeks compliling a parts list and I think I am finally ready to start ordering parts. I plan on documenting my build here so that I can help people like me who are super confused when they read the Thousands of posts on this forum. My parts list is as follows: Deck: Landyachtz nine-two-five (already ordered) Trucks: Paris 180mm (already have) Wheels: Abec 11 90mm 75a (probably gonna get clones) Motor: Turnigy 6364 190Kv 2450W

I plan on creating a CNC’d motor mount and welding it to the trucks since I a=have access to a machine shop and welder through my university Battery: Custom 10s4p LG HG2 3000mAH 20A battery pack I plan on making a holder out of 3D printed 18650 cases as opposed to Spot welding one VESC: TorqueBoards VSEC collections/esc-speed-controller/products/torque-esc-vesc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller I was wondering if the fact that my BMS goes to 60A and the VESC goes to 50A if that’s a problem for the 80A battery set up. Other builds didn’t seem to have a problem. BMS: SuPower BMS 36V 10s 80A Motor Gear: 16T (CNC’d) Wheels Gear: 40T (CNC’d) Pully belt: 265mm HTD5 12mm x 4 collections/pulley-timing-belts/products/265mm-htd5-12mm-4x-belt-bundle Might as well get some extras Remote: GT2B 2.4GHz transmitter and reciver Plan on 3-D printing a revamped enclosure for this remote using the Buffalo Baby tutorial designed by @Qwiksand Miscellaneous: male to male servo wire products/male-to-male-servo-connector Vedder Anti-spark switch Found the seller @goldenHusky who I believe is still selling the Vedder switches here but might need one Power Switch:random E-bay LED one Charger: 36V 5A li-ion charger w/ power socket I’ll also be 3D printing the enclosure and using silicone sealent to protect it. I would LOVE some feed back on this parts list as I think I have the majority of my components but much of the smaller pieces including wiring I am not very familiar with. I would like to be able to confirm I have everything I need before I start ordering parts so I’m not sitting around with a half completed build waiting for one wire. Thanks so much guys and I’ll be sure to be posting lots of pictures and build guides in the future.

I like that deck, my build id based on an older model. Nice and big, works well for me as I’m tall. I’d always spend a bit more dough on original wheels, you’ve already committed a fair amount of money so why not go premium on the wheels? I went for 97mm. I made my enclosure from fibreglass and sell them if you wanted a perfect fit.

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That’s awesome to hear that this build works well for you. I am also rather tall (6’ 4") so I definitely needed a big board. I read online that when the board was drop through people had issues with clearance on 76mm wheels, but that’s good to hear so i might go up a size.

The trucks I’m using are the Gullwing sidewinder 2 with evolve hangers so they are wider than the usual Caliber type and also set further away from the wheel well. Good luck with your build!

I’d get your batteries from if I were you, much cheaper…

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looks awesome!! Would you mind adding a picture of your cnc motor mount? If you still have the files would you also be able to upload it. I am also using paris v2 trucks, but last motor mount I had, was 6 mm aluminium (which was welded on by my metal tech teacher at school) and it bended…