First Build | LiPo BMS Help

Hey I’m starting my first build, so far I have my longboard setup, batteries, bms and other wiring.

My battery setup is 3 x 4S LiPo, I bought a bestech D140 but the wiring was more complicated than I thought and I ended up blowing the BMS. I have got another one but am unsure how to wire the D140 to 3 4S lipos and don’t want to blow another one up :).

If someone can tell me the wiring and which order to connect things in hat would be awesome.

This thread goes over running 5 x 2s lipos, but you could apply it to your situation. There are wiring diagrams somewhere in the thread and I’m sure that @Namasaki would be happy to help.

Thanks for the link, the thread was helpful but I’m not quite sure how to apply it to my setup. (Bad soldering is just for testing) image image image

Nvm got it working now image