First build list for the curious

First off, thanks to those who have pointed me in the right direction so far… I’ve switched a few things up based on user feedback & I appreciate it immensely! I’ve ordered most of the supplies & I’m just posting them in case anybody goes through the list and thinks “oh my God—he can’t do that!”. if you are thinking that, please let me know. It’ll be a few weeks until my finances allow for completion, but I’m on my way!

DECK (ordered & on its way) JET Killshot BD 36" (30" wheelbase); pic to follow

TRUCKS (ordering soon) Caliber II (10" hangers, 50 degree RKP)

WHEELS (ordering soon) O’Tang Kegels (80D)

BATTERY (already have) Enertion Space Cell Pro 3 (10s3p, on/off, %bat, charge port & XT60 connector for VESC)

MOTOR (ordered & on its way) TorqueBoards 6374 (190kv , Max Power: 3150 Watts, Max Amps: 80 Amps, Max Volts: 12S,12AWG wire with 5.5mm Gold Bullet Connectors)

MOUNT, PULLY & BELT (ordered & on its way) TorqueBoards Gen 4 mount; 16T/36T, 12mm Wide Belt

VESC (ordered & on its way) DIY Skateboards (with servo cable & XT90 connector—I’ll need an adapter for the battery, which is XT60)

BLDC Tool (got it) Downloaded from Enertion site

CONTROLLER I’ve read a bit, but haven’t decided yet. Enertion or Miami Electric Boards Benchwheel look like my thing

That’s about it, but after all the reading, I’m hoping I don’t do something stupid or out of order & fry the VESC. Still need to read up on how & what to program as far as settings go.

Looks good so far, as for the vesc, I would recommend DIYES tutorial on youtube it is very quick and simple and too the point. Once you have your setting I would definitely post your setting so the experts on this forum (not me) can help you out and correct any mistakes before you fry your $100 VESC.

Your list looks fine. I would caution you about the deck you chose. I have that board, its heavy as bricks and it’s a bitch to mount the enclosure too, has a huge concave and it changes via the length of the board.

Some bigger wheels might be adventageous. It’s easier to crawl over rocks and sticks with 90mm or 97mm wheels. I have both of those remotes, either is a good choice.

Thanks @mmaner… I read your rundown of controllers & saw your rec’s… essentially why I’m leaning in that direction. Wheels… understood. I skate on about 65’s right now with Caliber trucks, so I suppose I’m instinctively going where I’m comfortable. Safe to say however, I have not gone 20mph on any of my current rides. And, valid concerns on the deck, for sure. I’m going to take a look at it, but I got a sweet deal on a 2nd—it had a cosmetic blemish on the bottom graphic (where the batt pack will be, if I can manage it). My second choice was a Madrid Circuit Breaker (the maple variant—not the fiberglass version), so I still may end up with that in the end.

Thanks, @Smorto! I’ll do that.

By all means, buy the wheels you are comfortable with. Most people find it easier to get I’ve gravel and slag on the roads with bugger wheels, just something to keep in mind.

I’ve hit 30mph…once. it scared the s#@t out if me. I like 20mph a lot, average between 12 and 17 on straights, depending on the smoothness of the terrain. There are cats in here that 40mph, I envy them and will attend their funerals :grinning:.

RE the deck…It may not be too heavy for you, I bought a 2014 model and it weighed about 10 lbs naked. Great shape, makes an awesome down hill board, just use a lot amps pushing it :grinning:.

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