First build: loaded Icarus, dual 6355, Samsung 30Q, focbox, nano-X, TB 218mm and ABEC11

Hi everyone

So a little about me, I live in the UK and have been riding electric longboards since May this year. I had an I wonder SK-D and I have to say it was a pretty reliable board, it used to get me 10 miles on a charge and I have used it to death since I got it. I work away quite a lot and use it to get between whatever site I am working at and my hotel - I have often been seen riding with my rucksack on and my flightcase in my one hand and remote in the other! Anyways, the battery started bulging on that one so I decided to pull it apart and bin the Lipo, I was planning on recycling the rest but have had so many ideas about a DIY thanks to my friend @egzplicit building a monster recently and making me salivate at the thought that I decided to buy all new everything.

My initial thought was to build using my Loaded Icarus, then I changed my mind and was going to build a boosted clone with a vanguard but once I got the 218mm TB trucks in my hand I knew they would be too big for that so I have gone back to the Icarus idea, will be a 10S4P setup with some 6355’s so should be a lot quicker than my old board and thus I will name it the Sicarus!

I have made a start, here is my Icarus

TB 218mm trucks and motor mounts with 6355 motors and otang nipples bushings (I know the nuts are missing from the back of the mounts, this is just a mockup

I love these ABEC 11’s, have seen some miles and have changed colour since I had them

I have bought the enclosures from @Eboosted, they are great quality!

I have many other parts waiting as well, 3 fet antispark from @eLDoska and a bluetooth module (can’t remember where from but works with the Metr IOS app)

I have 2 x Focbox and nano X still “awaiting fulfilment” from the cyber monday sale. My pulleys should be here in the next 7-10 days but I still have to order the BMS (waiting to see if the group buy on here comes to anything) and I still need to order 40 Samsung 30Q’s

The next stage is to work out how I seal the enclosures against the curvyness of the board, maybe some neoprene foam that will compress easy but is waterproof? I can sand the enclosures down slightly to help fit but I don’t want to go too far as I believe 10S4P is tight as it is from what I have seen on here.


Fucking love the build but you really need to choose a better name :joy:

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The Icarus is going to be the next Vanguard in terms of popularity of a flexy deck. The deck is awesome!

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Name it: Sicario… because it will make a killing!

Haha is it really that bad!?

I’m sorry man lol.

Good to see that it’s just “loaded icarus” now HAHA

Haha yeah I did it for you bud!

Sicarus would have been such a cool name tho. Here is the logo to go with it!


That’s awesome, and gl with the build, but can you maybe show how you’ll connecting the bms/charging port/ power button? More specifically where in the battery/vesc circuit? I’ve seen all the big posts and schematics, but I really want to see it first hand. Gl on your the build!

OMG thats epic!

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Yes of course mate, will do.

Oh I forgot to add, I also have these 110mm 85A Slick Revolution off road wheels, I think it looks nuts on them, would have to take the risers off though as its so high with these on ( I may even be able to run the board drop through on these too!)

I hope these ride soft enough, they are deffo harder than the flywheels

Either way, no point in adjusting any more until I get the pulleys as I know those motor mounts are going to need to move inwards so I will check clearance one I have them and decide whether I can run drop through or not, I do dearly hope I can.


Ok so I know I said there was no point in adjusting anymore but…

a lot lower to ground in drop through but have to have the motors at the back so they do not hit anything.

What do you think? Are the motors too close to the ground?


Maybe you can lift them up a bit?

The wheels match your purse!


Yeah I would say so… they will get hit with a lot of debris that low and may even bottom out going over large bulbs. Why not inward face them like before?

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They probibly will hit going down the ^^ curb cuts.


On drop through with them facing forward they bite into the deck even on the angle they are like the pics above but facing inward.

I think I have the answer, and it involves the crimes of using a hacksaw and sandpaper…

Haha this was my solution


Have you lost your pants yet? Lol


Nah, not too worried about it either. I always make sure I have my shoes tied tight though :wink: