First Build | Loaded Tesseract | Single Motor | £500

Keep in mind that the sk3 motors have a different mounting pattern from other motors. Sk3’s have a 32mm (I think) mounting pattern. Whereas most motors and mounts have a 44mm mounting patter. Other motors like the OM5065 and racerstar 5065 have a 38mm mounting pattern.

So make sure your mount is compatible with your choice of motor.

Adding these Bones Red bearings to the list @ £14.95

Expensive for a riser. I’ll stick to normal ones and just drill the board the the cables.

Do trucks come with risers or do I need to order them separately?

they come without risers

I’m in Finland. Have to pass on your kind offer for now. Just bought an loaded vanguard so can’t throw money away on an other deck for now. But let me know if you neef something from the north and I’ll help you if needed.

Edit. Going offtopic here but need to show this :stuck_out_tongue:

Price without VPN :

With uk VPN :



thats not fun! just drop me a message if you decide you want one.

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The Keda 6364 190kv motor is very powerful and has worked great for me. It is also very cheap. SK3 motors are also good but a bit more expensive

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any updates?

Slow progress but so far my deck has arrived and is super nice. I’m looking at colour options for wheels and trucks and if I might shape it.

Ordered the Focbox and mini remote in the Cyber Monday deals.

Welcome to any tip offs of other parts?

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I’m in the the process of making a mould for an enclosure for the truncated tesseract. I don’t know if the shape would be similar. Hopefully I will make the first enclosure tomorrow.


Here’s the first enclosure out of the mould.


Welcome to the slowest build ever!

Can’t edit the original post any more so here’s an update. Picked up the Enertion Nano-X Hand Controller and FOCBOX in the black friday sale group buy. Cheers, @monkey32

Deciding on a motor is tricky. Lots out there but doesn’t seem to be clear information on which is best?

What parts are you looking for?

It’s probably easier to say what I currently have! :smile: So I need everything apart from deck, FOCBOX, and remote.

Going to pick up some new Caliber trucks, bearings, and ABEC 87 / 90mm clone wheels online.

So still on the look out for; Motor + Mount + Pulls / belt Battery + BMS + Charger + switch / port / read out

I’m in the UK so either somewhere with high quality parts in UK. Or somewhere abroad where I can get lots of the parts in one hit.

I was looking at the SK3 motor from HK, but its not sensored, and seems to to use that which a high quality VESC.

I could use Torque Board, and get a motor / mount / pully in one hit. How do people rate their motors? Or ollin / others ?

Depending on Battery, but the best BMS you can get is from Bestech - they are in China but they have english representatives which are familiar with this forum so you can probably send them an email and get a good experience.

I have a mount, but its one-sided - and is only good if you ride goofy. For belts anywhere is good.

You could give streetwing a go for most parts here in the UK. I’m hoping to get my hands on some of his mounts soon. They look like a nice well made unit.

@boyceUK, did you check Alien?

I have some parts you might be interested in such as motor mounts and charger :wink:

I realised that Trampa’s wearhouse was not far from me so went round this morning and picked up some wheels, 90mm, 76a, black. A set of Caliber 2 trucks, 10" 50 degrees. And some Trampa ceramic bearings. Top blokes, really helpful!

So I’m now up and rolling, just under leg power!


do 90mm wheels with no risers work on a tesseract with no wheel bite?