First Build, Lots of Questions

Been doing non stop research for a week now (sounds like nothing, but I’m 17 and on summer break, I have all the time in the world) and I have a couple questions about the parts I am going to buy and some alternatives I’ve been considering. Objectives: I want a high torque medium speed(25-32mph) DIY build that remains in my budget ~$600 Current Cart Setup (what I’m thinking of buying): From DIYelectricSkateboards I’m getting their VESC $100, a 6374 190kv 3150w Sensored Motor $120, and the single motor mechanical kit with 90mm wheels and a 13T/36T gearing ratio $215. At HobbyKing I am considering getting 2 Zippy 5000mAh 5s 20c batteries $92 to run in series, or going the other route of the Li-Ion 18650’s and buying these which are 100 cells for $150 which is the best deal I can find. I have not been researching these for that long, and know more about LiPo’s, but this is my understanding. With 100 cells, I can essentially take 12 to put in series to form one 12s pack, then take say 5 of those 12s packs to put in parallel giving me 5x4.4= 22Ah of battery life. Now my main goal is torque, I can settle for less distance if I have more torque, so will this setup provide the same if not more torque than the 10s2p setup the LiPo’s provide? Also has anyone had bad experience with Banggood parts like the remote they have I don’t want to spend an extra $40 on the one from DIYelectricSkateboards if this will work just fine. I am also getting xt90 connectors and 10awg silicone wire from them so feel free to chime in with any experiences you’ve had. Thanks.

Those batteries arent organized in a shape that would make them very easy to use and they are rated flr less capaciry amd half the current output of the commonly used eskate cells (samsung 25r a d 30q). If you used 2 or three of those packs though it work as far as I can tell.

My plan was to take apart the packs since from my understanding they are setup as 10s, but I would make them 12s with more in parallel.

How will you take them apart? How will you commect them back together? Soldering or spot welding?

Most likely soldering which I already have sufficient experience with, and I don’t have a spot welder.

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I guess the deal was too good to be true for esk8 setups. I think I will stick with the 10s LiPo. Do you think it is worth the extra $30 to buy the 6374 190kv motor over the 6355? I am under the impression that a bigger stator gives more torque, and I am willing to pay that, just wondering if it would pay off. Thanks.

Always better to overbuild than underbuild. Others might be better to advise you in the motor size question. I always need the biggest motor and two of them. Im super heavy.

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I use a 300w soldering iron cuz u want to be able to solder them quick before much heat from gets into the cells. Others have had good luck with less powerful irons though.

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Motor: I’d say anything higher than 190 kV because higher kV means speed and lower kV means torque. You said you want speed over distance so I’d go with 260 kV.
diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/6355-260kv-epower-motor/ If you do buy it from DIY, make sure to get male to male connector for your vesc

Pulleys and belts from the same website you would order your remote.

Now get the motor mount from DIY and PLEASE be careful Choose the sizing of the motor and the motor mount. Or you could get it from