[First Build] Low Budget - buying the right parts

Dear reader,

I spent the last two weeks watching YouTube Videos on “How to build your own electric longboard?” And now I can say with certainty: Electric longboards are truly fascinating! That’s why I decided to build one. Luckily I got this board from a friend:

And I want to turn it into an electric one!

This Post is meant to present you my requirements and how to meet them with the parts I want to order soon. If you’re already experienced with electric longboards you could find some issues I made during research. If you’re new to building e-boards you might decide to build the same board. Anyways, feel invited to comment on my findings.

The challenges

High torque: The area where I live has steep hills. Therefore my board needs to have high torque to carry me up every hill. My weight is about 76 kilogramms (167lbs), so it won’t have to carry heavy weights.

Moderate speed: I do not need to ride with high speed.

Flex deck: A friend of mine gave this used longboard (see picture below) to me. But it has an insanely flexible deck, so I will have to make sure that my enclosure does not break when I start riding. And I’m afraid that my electronics will scratch the road

Low budget: I am about to graduate from school, so I can only afford to build a budget board. It should be around 500€ (607$)

14km Range:
I have a friend who lives in a city 6,9 kilometers away, and I want to visit him with my e-board from time to time.

The shopping list

Motor: The Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-190KV Brushless Outrunner Motor should have enough torque and gets even stronger when I combine it with the gear ratio of my upgrade set. Battery: Five of these ZIPPY FlightMax 5000mAh 2S1P 20C Batteries should make a powerful 10s1p Battery. This is also the maximum voltage my motor can deal with. ESC: The TORQUE ESC BLDC Electronic Speed Controller also known as VESC v4.12 seems to be very reliable according to most e-skaters. It should handle the 10s1p battery and I think it will be easy to set up, because there are so many guides and tutorials due to its common use. Remote Control: A cheap 2.4GHz Remote Controller Receiver Transmitter from eBay should work fine for me. Motor Mount: Skateboard-Kit Teile Für72 / 70MM Räder is an all-around choice with motor mount, belt and pulleys(And also really cheap). It provides a 16:48 (1:5) gear ratio and should also work well with my 69mm Wheels. Enclosure: I have still no idea how to make an enclosure that will not break because of my flex deck. Maybe you know how to fix this.

I will make sure I buy some xt-60 connectors and an antispark-switch. And I will probably get new wheels, bearrings and griptape(at the moment there is no grip at all)

Because this is the biggest project I have ever started I wanted to make sure others can have a look at my plans. So please let me now if you like my build or see problems that might occur.(And I would be really grateful if you come up with a solution for the flex issue.)

This post will be updated once i start ordering and putting all the parts together.

Thank you for reading so far StefanK.


Hey, first thing I noticed, these lipos are expensive! 2s 5Ah at 14 euros means 14/(7.4x5) = 0.38€ per Wh… In comparison I got a few 6s 12Ah at 50.50€ which is about 0.18€ per Wh. So first, you should search hobbyking for other lipos. Second thing, torqueboard vesc is not an interesting option IMO. It doesn’t support FOC. Since you will order from hobbyking, get their VESC, it is doing fine in FOC with a low kv motor :wink: And last thing, get yourself a gt2b from hobbyking, and find a 3d printer to mod it, it is a lot more reliable and precise ! Depending on where you are I can print a gt2b mod for you and battery enclosures etc, I’m in France.

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for 500e you can build a really nice board, if you look for deals! Just get a single 6374, if you can get your hands on a focbox 10s battery, preferably li ion, charge only bms, lipos are usually from what i have looked pretty thick to place under the board, while liions are like 18mm

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Hobby king have a 125kv motor that i got to try out last week on AT TRAMPA with a 12s battery i loved it Ill be getting 1 for my next build.

Turnigy D5035-125KV Sensored Brushless Motor

I have a FOCBOX in Switzerland incase you want it : )

Ditch those motor mounts, those are worth absolutely nothing and they are trash


Ok, few things:

The remote is ok, but it is known for it unreliability…better get bit larger Mini remote, which is bullet proof :slight_smile: You wont get any signal losses with it :slight_smile:

VESC…Where are you from? You sent one of the links in German, so you are my neighbor? If so, you will better get VESC somewhere in Europe :slight_smile: esk8.de makes some…you can get FOCBOX on from many places :slight_smile: Or @Martinsp has some refubrished cheap ones :slight_smile: BUT I recommend you to get FOC BOX, who buys cheap, buys twice :frowning:

Drive kit…No…just no…forget about it right now…this on sucks :slight_smile: The best thing you can do i buy used drive kit with calibers from somone on forum :slight_smile: If you will be lucky you might get some cheap and nice one :slight_smile:

BTW. nice deck! :slight_smile: Where did you get it? :slight_smile:

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Ive sent you a dm with some items ive got for sale if you want to save a bit and get something better :slight_smile:

Thank you for your fast answer!

Could you get me a link of what you have in mind? I haven’t found a VESC at HK

Great advice, I couldn’t imagine what happened if i fell off the board because of a terrible remote :wink:

Did you see the message? If not ive got these you can get for 90 euro should give you a better start then that shady china mount and the torque vesc :slight_smile:

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looks like HK is no longer selling VESCs … these batteries are good for the price :

about 0.2€ per Wh Make yourself a 12s pack using 3

Those cells are not very good

Must agree with @pat.speed thee cells are not good, they sag a lot :slight_smile: better get lower capacity and higher discharge :slight_smile:

I will do so, thanks for your advice.

Got this from a friend for free

I looked at his website! They are incredibly cheap! I’ll definitely consider buying a VESC from him.

Yes, I’m I live in Hessia, at the border to North-Rhine-Westphalia

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Is there anything specific you have in mind? As far as i know I can not just buy 2 x 4s1p and 1 x 2s1p to build a 10s1p. Therefore I have to take 2 x 5s1p (89.20$) or 5 x 2s1p

But as @BooYA already mentioned this is not a cheap option

2x 4s and 1x 2s will work fine as long as they are exactly the same batteries.


AS far as I know I wont be able to get the price of batteries much lower…You would have to use high capacity packs, which sucks :confused:

ZIPPY is the way to go :slight_smile: (unless you can afford Li-ions)…you can use both 5x 2s or 2x 5s :slight_smile:

If you use 5 x 2s LiPos you will be able to arrange them so they are flat and make a really nice and stealth build :wink: If the deck doesnt touch the ground when you jump on it (as dropthrough) then you will for sure be ok :slight_smile:

If you ddecide to use 2x 5s it will be easier to make split enclosure set up :wink: But you can do that even with 5x2s, tehy would just take bit more space because of the wires :wink: :slight_smile:

I dont know what you consider flexy deck, because my DIY vanguard like bamboo beauty can touch the groun when I jump on the middle :wink:

Also if you can affor higher discharge LiPos, go for it :slight_smile: like 5000mAh 30C :slight_smile:

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At this point you should either get 18650 or cheap multistar lipos I have these cells in one of my build they do fine… Expensive doesnt always mean better especially when it comes to chinese stuff I get samsung 30q cells from nkon for less than 0.3 euros per Wh

Short update

My board was ride-able for almost two weeks. Assembling was quite easy and after a few hours i could dash up every hill around my town. Amazing!

Sadly the cheap motor mount(HobbyKing, 8$, can’t recommend it) is designed so poorly that it doesn’t stay in its position once screwed onto the axle. Also there are weird arcs at the point where the mount touches the axle (see picture below)

grafik I have no idea why they did it like that but it definitely did not work for my axle.

Make a new motor mount I have seen people online 3D printing their own motor mount. Since i own the 192 kv HobbyKing Esk8 Motor which has slightly bigger dimensions (and is super heavy) it’ll be a real challenge do design a durable mount which can hold this monster on heavy duty. Maybe this is not possible but before buying an expensive mount i want to give it a try.

If you have any experiens with 3D printed mounts let me know. Unfortunately there is not so much material out there on the topic.

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You mind sending me a DM on Instagram @souls_skate I’m curious to see what items you chose because I’m looking into making my first electric skateboard as well at a decent and not expensive price, highest budget for me is 200$