First build | Low budget | KEDA 6364 190KV | FLIPSKY VESC

Hello guys. The background: I am moving from Finland to Portugal in a months time, and I figured to build my first eskate for getting around in the city and campus. From you I’d like to have a little helping hand with the parts. I have a couple of wishes for the build:

  • battery percentage would be great to be visible
  • 99WH so I can take it to plane (or 2x 99wh but the other half should be removable)
  • smaller than regular long board
  • I’m hoping to get enough power for 30kph but since I am 90kg fella and on a budget, I don’t know if that is possible.
  • Parts ordered from EU or China

Part list:

Deck: 80’s CCCP Rula

Trucks: Caliber II 9" OR Cheap alternative

Wheels: Cheap copies from somewhere, I mean I know quality and price might go hand in hand here but…

Pulley system: This assuming its ok,


Motor mount and cover:


Battery: Yet to be decided, I’m struggling with the range here. I would like to get above 10km, but then again budget…

Remote: I’d like to use a small one, ebay I guess?

Power switch: To be found

Battery perecentage screen: To be found

Enclosure: To be found

Charger: Here I have a question as well, should I get BMS or just go with chrager that does it for me?

Cables and connectors from HK. (XT90 or 60, whats the difference?)

I’ll be updating this post as I order the parts and assemble the board.

Do you have anything already? Like a complete skateboard with trucks and wheels?

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think you’ll be able to build something from the ground up for that much money.

My bad, sorry for not mentioning. I am looking for mechanical and electric parts. I am upgrading my trucks and wheels anyway so not including them for this budget :slight_smile: For trucks I was thinking And wheels 90 or above

At that price point, i would use the Generic Chinese Hub Motors, because the price for performance is pretty good.

Do you happen to know if those can be purchased from EU? I dont know any ‘cheap’ dealers in EU. Pretty much the reason for this thread is the problem I have with part acquiring in EU and I dont know which parts are compatible with each other…

If you’re moving to Coimbra or Porto, you need a much bigger battery than 99wh. Those cities are extremely hilly. But if it’s a flat ground city, go with @AntiPusher suggestion and get yourself a wowgo/ownboard/meepo hubs. For cheap batteries, go with lipo from hobbyking. 2x6S 5000mah=111wh(no-one will care if it’s not 99), batteries in series, above 60C for great performance or above 20C for cheap build.

Here Here

Fun fact, my adress will be in Porto! I will definately opt for thay DIY kit, thank you for that. Do you recon for Porto in mind I should opt for even more than 111wh and just disassemble the battery for airport? And, the burning question, what electricity kit should I get, I rwally dont know the differences in ESC’s? Is it cheaper to go with BMS or charger that does it for me? Thank you guys!

More wh better. You can buy that battery that I said and take it to plane and buy bigger batteries to the city. You should get 2x vescs, flipsky vesc is the cheapest available and quite good. Common ESC will not be able to push you uphill because it’s amperage is low. That means that this hobby is expensive, so keep this in mind

Thank you, I dont mind upgrading later on down the road. Just now when moving abroad I have a tight budget, later on things will settle.

I did some searching and found out that ebay offers a lot of flipskies for low price. Also I decided to drop on hub motors, seems like better value to go for single belt driven rotor.

Hi. I have a quick question. I am also would like to build a budget esk8 for my son. I did not want to spend that much for his first board. Here is what I am thinking and I hope @Miljonaari get some ideas too:

dual hub motors with truck:

ESC, Meepo:

Batteries, 2X:

Those are the main components. It should cost no more than $400. Top speed should be around 18-20 MPH, and distance of about 10-12 miles.

At least upgrade to higher C battery, preferable graphene turnigy

Sure, I do not mind getting the graphene turnigy batteries, but there are so much options. I would like to get 5S1P, but Hobbyking has them in 1800-6000 MAH. What do you recommend? Thank you

Just a heads up Porto has a lot of cobblestone sidewalks and even streets, you would need AT wheels to even think about riding those and I am not sure if its is allowed to ride on asphalt streets there.

The more mah and C, the merrier

What do you think of this one?

I will get this adapter with it too:

These are great but low mah :confused:

I agree but the more MAH, the bigger the battery.

Yes, true 10char