First Build | Mono 6374-192kv | 10s3p 25R | 83mm Flywheels

Hello! I’m super new to all this, so I only kind-of know what I’m doing. The forum has been super helpful so far, I’m learning a lot. I’ve updated my build, can’t wait to start assembling it but looks like imma need a few more days/weeks to make sure it’s what I want before I order. Advise/tips/comments greatly appreciated!!

My Goals: -at least 25mph top speed -10+ miles range -medium hill capabilities (I’m lightweight, ~120lbs, so torque isn’t too big of a concern) -My budget is $500-900 USD, I already have a deck as well as access to tools.

[details=1st Draft]Build 1st Draft Wheels - 83x52mm 80a Flywheels - $30 Battery - I’m thinking 18650 10s3p from [Nkon] ( - $110 +shipping(???) (Do I need solder tags?) Motor - 6364-190kv - $83 Mono belt drive +Motor mount - $40 Trucks - Caliber II Fifty 10 in/50 degree 184mm - $40 RC - $17 VESC - $150

So that’s around $500 already (Prices above include shipping). I could spend a bit more, did I get anything too cheap? Where should I focus most quality-wise?

I’m somewhat confused on batteries and the whole electronics component, and I’m not too confident that I can arrange the battery correctly. Is there a thorough how-to page somewhere? Or… where could I get a premade battery pack?


Build 2nd draft Thanks for all your tips! Here’s the new list, new and improved!


  • If I go the DIY route for the battery, how do I charge it? Where can I get a charger?
  • I read that li-ion batteries should not drop below a certain charge. Any tips for setting up a display of some sort so I can quickly get a reading while I ride?
  • Do I need a BMS?
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If you buy cells alone you need to spotweld them togheter to make s pack. Several members sell or spotwelds packs so if you dont have the capabilities yourself search around.

And btw 25r is not a Good cell I would recomend samsung 30q which is proven to be the best cell atm for our purpose

As for battery tags you don’t need them if you’re going to spot weld them together. There are also some builders on here that make packs (@willpark16, @scepterr maybe idk?).

That Vesc isn’t very good quality so I would advise for a Focbox or Ollin Vesc if you can afford them or a DIYElectricSkateboards Vesc as they are great for a budget Vesc.

Btw that motor can probably be found for cheaper on HobbyKing’s website.

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All those look decent to me for the set-up you’re trying to achieve. That motor+battery, along with a belt-drive system, should handle hills no problem. You won’t be flying up the hills, but you’re not gonna get stuck except on crazy hills.

From everything I’ve read, you really don’t wanna skimp on your VESC, battery, or remote. Cheap VESCs might fry, bad batteries can explode (literally, if it’s a Li-Po), and a dropped remote connection can launch you off your board. All not fun experiences.

As for soldering the battery pack, there are a TON of posts on Li-Ion cell packs on the site, you just gotta dig for them (which kinda sucks). If you wanna save yourself the hassle, I know the guys over at TorqueBoards have premade packs, linked here. They have a bunch of different size batteries, not just 9S, so take a look if you don’t want to build one yourself. I also know @psychotiller sells packs at his site here.

If you decide against a Li-Ion pack entirely, a Li-Po pack with a BMS (battery management system) can be a solid alternative. Little bit easier to work with, although not as nice in the long run as Li-ions.

You are also going to want an enclosure for all this stuff. I’ve seen anything from 3D-printed enclosures to IKEA silverware trays used, so do some research on this site to see what is gonna suit your build/budget the best.

Can’t wait to see how this thing turns out. Good luck!

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25R is perfectly fine, 30Q is better. If the price is low enough on a 25R pack and it does what you want, no reason not to get it. I get 30+mph, 15 mile range if I’m not going crazy on 10S3P 25R 6374 190kv 15/40 107mm @Artemis I would recommend a prebuilt pack that meets your needs. I would go with any motors that lhb, psychotiller or diyelectricskateboard sell over the sk3 That ebay mount and pulley set is useless This is a nice new mount for caliber Motor/Wheel Pulley can get here(I’ve gotten countless sets)

If you can wait a couple weeks, there will be plenty nano-x on sale cheap, if you like it
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Well he got the money :wink:

Okay yeah I agree, I was a skeptical of the ebay stuff too. Those links look good, but do you have any thoughts on this motor mount kit here?

It’s not bad, I don’t have any personal experience with the tb mounts though

I’d spend more on the vesc. Ollins or FocBox. For what eBay has its maybe 30 more with shipping. I’m using the dual motor mount kit from diyelectric and the mounts came loose on rough roads. I’m pretty sure that was my fault though. The mounting hardware for the motor mount to the trucks have four setscrews. Really you just need to make two tight next to each other so it fits flush against the trucks. I centered all the screws so just the little screw heads were securing the heavy motors which was wrong. I removed and fixed it. No further issues.

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Also if you have a week or so check the stuff people are selling on here. Might find a deal.

I would spend a little more on the vesc and get an ollin, and also the 6374 isnt that much more expensive than the 6364 and is def worth the upgrade

The ebay motor mount and other stuff is shit, trust me I have 2 sets of them and they are complete trash. I wouldnt buy them for 10 bucks

In this hobby if you get cheap stuff thats not reliable (ebay stuff) you’ll end up paying more money, gone through it a couple times lol.

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