First Build - Need assistance

Alright, so I’ve talked myself into building my first eboard but need assistance with a few things. I will be basing my build off @lowGuido Soft Rider as I think it’ll be idea for the streets around here. With both my Amazon and HobbyKing’s carts full, I’m almost ready to purchase everything…currently the only thing I’m missing are the Gears/Pulleys and Belt… Where does everyone get theirs from? If I filled the calculator out correctly, I should be looking for 14T Motor pulley and a 45T Wheel pulley. I can find some motor pulleys on ebay but can’t seem to find ones for the wheels. Does everyone just print there own? A 3D printer has been on my list of toys to buy but hasn’t moved to the top. If you guys need any more information aside from what I provided below, please let me know. Any and all help would be appreciated

6" “AT” wheels 2X hobby king X-car beast 150A ESC 2X turnigy SK3 5550 280kv outrunners 4X turnigy 3S 5000mah lipos

I just used off the shelf aluminium timing pulleys and modified them to fit.

Do u mind sharing where u got them?

I got them from alibaba i cant even recall the sellers name.

@lowGuido What belt/teeth profile does it have? Is it HTD3? If it is so… It might be still possible to find some larger 3d printer / CNC pulleys in this size…

I personally got my HTD5 65T 16mm (for 15mm belt) aluminium pulley from ebay… but the same seller seems not to sell them anymore, so it was just a lucky ‘‘coincidence’’ that I got mine…

Though, it seems that HTD5 standard fits some e-scooters… so it might be wise to look around for them (e-scooter wheel pulley / wheel sprocket)…

This might seem a bit radical but one more option is to go with chain drive… way more easier to come with parts, I think… there’s plenty of escooter/mini (pocket) bikes… etc vehicles using smaller gears/pulleys and all of these are easly available on ebay…

Also with chain I believe you might be able to go with lower motor (smaller) motor pulley, as there wont be such evident ‘‘teeth skipping’’ as it is for belt drive systems

If nothing really comes up… I might really consider this… there might be a bit extra noise but im not sure would it be that annoying… you can check a few threads/topics about this on the forum, if you decide to make such a move to chain drive

Thanks guys for the info and replies. I gave it to my impulses and picked up a 3D printer. Now Its a waiting game until I can start to play with my new toys lol.

@Okami I have though about a chain drive but decided to not go this route with my first build. I let my mind wonder and considered adding a few gears like a mountain bike. Maybe 3 (low, normal, high). Maybe I’ll make a second board like this

hah ok, wish you luck printing / getting / designing the drive gears then!

Im not sure how much each of them lasts… @lox897 mentioned something like 400km… but im not sure did mean this for wheel pulley or them or the motor pulley

Also, you would probably want to take a look at some stronger plastics like ABS or that PETG @Idea is using… they are probably a lot more durable once you get your final design right…

Yeah, I only intend to use the printed parts for development. Once I get a good working design, I want to cast them in aluminum. I appreciate the advice though

I might be able to print some of those pulleys for you with ABS. I’m currently fixing/upgrading my printer though. Once I test the designs I will share them

htd5 for 15mm belt

Hey guys, Not sure if this is the best place to post this or if I should make a new thread but I’m having some trouble connecting my motors or my ESCs. Well, its really a general question as to actual trouble…

While the ESC comes with a nice instruction booklet explaining its wiring config, the motors did not. I tried to look online for a wiring map but couldn’t find one. While there are only 27 possible configurations, I don’t want to damage anything by connecting them wrong. Since I do not see any distinguishable marks on any of the leads coming form the motors, I assume that it doesn’t really matter how they get connected…as long as forward moves the wheels in the right direction.

While attempting this theory I noticed the following. My first attempt made no sounds when connecting the power and had the motors spinning in the wrong direction (at least for forward travel). My second connection had some kind of beep code (similar to my 3DR Solo Drone) when connecting the power but spun the motor/wheels in the correct direction.

Is this beep code normal/desired or is the motor telling me its misconfigured? How do you know when they are connected correct? If you connect them incorrectly, will it damage either component?

If you like, I can post a quick power up video later today when I get home.

Thanks in advance

PS. was able to get all gears/pulleys and mounts 3D printed. Most are still a shell and not final versions but we’re getting close :slight_smile: