First build, need expert advise

Hello, i’ve come to the conclusion that i want to build my own board. I will be getting help from my father but we are both complete rookies in the field of esk8 building. Therefore i seek your guys help on the subject. I only have basic knowledge of what parts i will need to aquire so bare with me.

This is my idea: i want to build around a vanguard loaded deck. Probably belt motors seems like the best option? I want a powerful board. 35mph+ with alot of torque. I dont have to go super far but 20km range would be good enough, but maby more if possible? My budget is around 1200 usd. This is a bit flexible tho.

Is this doable? I need help with what motors, batteries and esc i shiuld aquire for a build like this. Thank you!

Yes that budget is doable.

No one is going to lay out a plan for you bud. Search search search. There are tons of good threads here about getting into DIY, speed calculators, motor gearing, similar builds etc.

Please use the search function and don’t just ask for people to make a parts list for you. That’s just like buying a pre-built (which some guys here will do for you).

Don’t let this interaction set the tone for the forum… We’re very very helpful but get asked to make build lists for new users non stop and then that just makes more questions when they don’t know how to put it all together.


That’s very doable. I would use the search bar a lil bit because some of these guys have some awesome drives. Gear drives, chains, direct drives, with a good budget like that you should be able to come up with a really sweet ride. I’m a rookie myself and I can say yes this can get frustrating at times but stick with it because after the hard part is over the addiction to Esk8 is worth every penny. Here’s the other thing. Think about what kind of Terrain you will mostly be riding on and build for that.


Yea i see, i just feel like all the info is abkt overwhelming. I will look around myslef for sure👍

I feel like I was a tinge mean originally so I’ll give you a good head start:


Look at sealed vs unsealed motors and how the kV ratings affect speed/torque


Li-ion vs LiPo is your main choice here. 10s-12s is considered normal here. Li-Ion is generally easier to maintain, safer, and longer lasting. LiPo gives you more immediate power but takes an extra dash of caution in monitoring them.


Use a VESC based system. VESC is basically a programmable ESC so you can set lots of custom and worthwhile parameters.


Ok than you man :+1:

Ok perfect👍

Its all really up to your preferences. Choose what you feel will work for you. If it doesn’t you have nobody to blame, just go back to the drawing board and try try again. I’m currently building a shop I’m my backyard, so I can’t start on the my new build till it’s finished. Trust me this hobby will consume you and you will love it lol.

Im also building my first board and my newely created thread will give you alot of information and i also have a link to a dope board that a guy created