First build, need help and suggestions! :)

Any recommendations on the VESC for the remote I linked? Also if an item in my list has a check mark, it means I already own or have purchased it.

I think those boardnamic mounts look great and are a good price! However, I don’t know if I can afford those motors right now.

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They really are, he is starting to sell them anodized black

I would just use the current battery you have until you can afford one, where are you located?

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Wow, I definitely want a black version. Are those available yet? Also do you recommend the one with or without the tensioner?

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Coming soon, also, for your esc I would buy a dual 4.20, or a dual 4.12.

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I’m in Utah.

What is the difference?

@Boardnamicsis with me in San Diego, @psychotiller, and @thisguyhere are around LA

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Not much, I’m not an expert on them though

You might as well get a unity but they are really pricey and they won’t have another batch for a bit

I ended up getting the focbox unity and the smaller BKB motors you recommended. So now all I need is the remote and battery.


I’ve been using a flipsky 6.6 dual vesc in foc for a few months now no problem. Aside from my own rookie mistakes at the beginning. And definitely follow the advice on a better battery.

Update on the wowgo AT battery.

One of my friends got that battery and it’s a 10s4p :slight_smile:

Ahhh, bummer I already bought a 10s4p custom made one with Samsung 30q cells

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It might be better in terms of quality :wink: