First build, need help and suggestions! :)

Hey Guys! I’m currently working on my first DIY build and would love some help and suggestions on parts. Right now this is what I have picked out/already own.

Custom Longboard Build:

Boosted Vanguard Deck - :heavy_check_mark:$170

Caliber II Trucks - :heavy_check_mark:$40

Sanyo AT Battery - $290 (with discount)

Custom Grip Tape - :heavy_check_mark:$25

2A Charger - :heavy_check_mark:$22

Reds Bones Bearings - :heavy_check_mark:$20

Orangutan Wheels - :heavy_check_mark:$68

Mounting Foam - :heavy_check_mark:$16

Risers - :heavy_check_mark:$6

Voltage Reader - $4 Not sure where to buy one, but I just want a basic one like the one on ownboards, maybe with a blue light instead of green so it matches the power switch.

Screws - :heavy_check_mark:$12

Remote - $50 Which remote should I get for the focbox unity? Dual V4 or V6?

Focbox Unity ESC - :heavy_check_mark: $250

Motor Mounts - :heavy_check_mark: Free Custom Modified From Boosted V1

Belts and Pulleys - :heavy_check_mark: Free From Boosted V1

Motors - :heavy_check_mark: $128

Enclosures - :heavy_check_mark:$145

Bash Guards - :heavy_check_mark:$30

Any guidance would be appreciated! So excited to make my own board!

Buy your Sanyo battery off of meepo, it’s 50$ cheaper and it’s the same battery just sold by meepo, also that remote you choose hasn’t really been tested by any of us esk8ers but a @torqueboards nano remote or mini remote should get you going

And for motor mounts, I recommend @Boardnamics mounts as they are cheap and quality mounts, as for motors, I would recommend @JLabs BKB motors

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I think the meepo sanyo has a smaller capacity and less cells than the wowgo. Thank you for the info I’ll check about the mounts and motors!

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They are both 10s2p and both use Sanyo 20070 batteries. I believe they both come out of the same factory. Same amount of cells, literally no difference.

Okay I guess I was confused because this says the wowgo has a 28 mile range and the meepo says it has a 17 mile range.

Wowgo is def lying, there’s no way a 10a2p can get 28 miles on a single charge, in my own opinion buy a 10s3p to 10s5p off of @thisguyhere, or from @psychotiller. Way more reliable then the meepo and wowgo battery. The problem with these Chinese’s boards is there statistics are fabricated, they aren’t based on IRL

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I think you are allocating your budget badly

Here’s what I would do. Get a used or slightly cheaper deck save yourself like $80

Get @bigben enclosure and save yourself another $80

Ditch the push to start module. It will probably break save yourself another $40

Ditch the custom griptape and maybe consider a skinning job from @sender he is also selling customised jetkillshot

Ditch the calibers and get Surfrodz 177mm TKP


Pretty sure it’s bigger than 10s2p and not the same as meepo.

Remember it’s for wowgo’s AT board and not their normal one.

The AT battery doesn’t fit in the normal wowgo board enclosure which must mean it’s bigger than 10s2p.


Just my thoughts.

@huntercasillas I would still get the battery from wowgo as a budget battery since I believe it’s bigger than meepo’s.

Edit: nvm. Forget what I just said. It’s only 5cm wider which I’m pretty sure makes up for the 20070’s in terms of size instead of 18650’s…

Oh, I didn’t know that, my bad sorry

I got a broken V1 boosted board for free so I already have the deck and calibers free. The grip tape I wanted my own custom one, the enclosures I want to look professional. I will need to buy an anti-spark switch which costs $40 anyways so I figured I’d get the push to start since it’s the same price.

You don’t need an antispark and I still recommend getting SR TKP

Both if them are lieing :grin:


Thanks for telling us, I wouldn’t have known, I’ve had both boards before and both there ranges are lies

Hahah which battery would you recommend then?

Go for a @psychotiller battery, can’t trust these Chinese sellers statistics, or a @thisguyhere battery, they won’t disappoint you. if you change the enclosure to a @bigben you’ll have a professional looking board, for near the same price you can buy a reliable battery that won’t have as much voltage sag and have a better range

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I already have an ownboard battery and it gets about the same range they claim, plus it comes with a BMS and charger port already connected and uses the same charger I already own. They claim 12-14 miles I get 11-12 going full throttle the entire time.

After 200 miles, the battery becomes less efficient for those Chinese boards, unlike psychtillers and thisguyheres battery, you won’t go wrong man!


Ahhh, I can’t afford $400 for the 10S4P pack. I will probably just use the battery I currently have until I have more money and then buy one of these if the battery isn’t doing it’s job anymore. Thanks for all the information man!

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