First Build need help please

Hi guys! I’m planning my first build and I’m hoping you guys can help me out. I’m trying not to exceed $400 but thats not going too well. I’ve been looking at:

  1. Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-213kv --> $70
  • This seems like a very good option to me, there is the 6354-260kv which $10 cheaper so which is better?
  • I was also thinking of hub motors but I don’t know where to find them, suggestions?
  1. TorqueBoards Single Motor Mechanical Kit --> $200
  • The kit looks pretty good to me but it is quite expensive. Any cheaper suggestions for just mount and pulley kits because i think i could get the trucks and wheels cheaper locally?
  • This is where i think i could save quite a lot more but I’m not sure where to get reliable motor mounts.
  • Would a 3d printed motor mount last long?
  1. Torque VESC BLDC --> $100
  • VESC seems like the way to go but would a cheaper car ESC like an X-Car Beast 120A($58) work?
  1. Either 2xTurnigy 5000mAh 4S or 8S3P of Samsung INR18650-25R 2500mAh(or similar) --> $50
  • From what I’ve read the 18650s seem to be better but how would i go about wiring them and which would be easier?
  • And where’s the best place to buy Li-ions?
  1. 2.4Ghz RC Transmitter and Receiver from banggood --> $20

I’ll probably make my own deck. I also have to keep in mind I’m from Malaysia so shipping costs are real and some places don’t even ship here. As you can see I’m still pretty unsure about most things so I’d really appreciate any help.

  1. The 6364 is a bigger motor than the 6354
  2. To replace the mechanical kit, you could buy DIY’s gear kit, caliber trucks, flywheel clones, and a mount from someone on the forum
  3. Vesc is the way to go
  4. Lipos will be easier
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Hmm. Don’t buy the kit. Yes vesc if you want to upgrade later. No if this is your ONLY build. Hm…battery is a hard one. 18650 is pretty complicated. I haven’t done 18650 but I’m reading up to it. Receiver looks good. I think you can find some trucks and motor mount on banggood. Try to order all of them at one site even though I know you can’t. But buying them each from different site you end up with $50 shipping charges. How you gonna make your own deck?

BTW you’re missing A LOT of stuff. Like trucks, screws, charger, series connector, wheel, tools, The battery you’re getting might not just plug into your esc.

You mean upgrade the other electrical components right? If thats the case then I’ll probably use the car ESC.

As for: Screws - pulleys usually use M4s which i can get pretty easily here, same for all other screws Charger - I’ll probably get the IMAX B6 Tools - I have tools Trucks and wheels - I can probably get locally for cheaper than online Deck - I have a lot of wood Battery to ESC - don’t I just need the specific connector?

Thank you for your help!

  1. Does bigger motor mean better/more reliable?
  2. Where can I get the DIY gear kit?
  3. I’ve found out I can have access to a CNC machine which i could use to make my own mount. I could get a design from somewhere around here(I think Enertion has some free mount designs) and that should work right?

Thank you for your help!

Well. If 8s is too slow for you you could go 10s or 12s with the vesc. ESC can’t handle high voltage. Yeah depends on what kind of connector they come with, you have to carefully pick and choose your connector to connect the batteries together AND the esc.

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  1. Bigger motors are more powerful
  2. diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/36t-abec-drive-pulley-belt-combo-kit/
  3. Yes

1- 6364 is better, but I thing a 245 kv would be better, more speed. HubMotors are rare at the market, look here

2- With the hub motors there will be no mechanical, but TorqueBoards have good some of the bests. And 3d printed works with Reinforced fillament I think, look at this post:

3- Yeah, X-car would work, but not as a Vesc, Vesc is programmable and have FOC mode that is pretty quiet, seriously, Vesc is better

4- 18650 is more durable than Lipos, more safe and better, you can buy the pack with the BMS and Switch or the cells and make your own


Battery Pack:


5- It depends on the RC remote, if it is Quannum, I don’t recommend, if it is Mini Remote is pretty reliable

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the battery you suggest cost his ENTIRE budget ($400)… You could definitely make your own 18650 batter pack.

This guy has some good tutorial on how to do em.

Ok, I was just trying to help, but do not think that is easy to make a pack

I know it’s not easy to make a battery pack like that since I don’t even know how to wiring bms. I think he has all the time in the world to learn and with $400 budget. He better get some reading to save EVERY penny.

Wait, he is on the budget and wants Li-ion? maybe he can pass it, I said the benefits of the Li-ion, if he liked it he will spend more money