First Build (need help)

So basically i want to build a electric longboard (pretty obvious) mainly for commuting. For the motors enclosure and almost everithing else, I was thinking about buying the pre-made kit from diyeboards (this one) because i’ve heard pretty good reviews about it, but any advice is welcome. But there is one problem, I can’t buy the battery because I live in Argentina and customs won’t let them pass. Sooooo i thought about bulding my own 10s5p. Having not too much knowledge about batteries, i read a bunch of threads here in this forum but i can’t figure out if what I want to do will be compatible with the electronics. For the batteries themselves I’ll use Samsung 22F 18650, pretty much the cheapest good quality cells i could find here in Argentina so i’m kind of stuck with those (I could buy 25R’s but it would be MUCH more expensive USD$260 vs USD$500). I want to known what you think about those, will they work?. Would LiPo batteries work better?. in that case which ones? And for the BMS i’ve narrowed the choice to a few options but I don’t know which one is the most suitable for this build:

So what do you think? Again advice is very welcome hahahaha. Also I need to make sure that best tech can send their BMS to Argentina.

So that’s all. Sorry for my crappy English and i will be wainting for some replies. Thank you!!!

I would say if you’re not gunning hard into customs and just want a commuter board Lipos will be easier, it also depends on your route, if its pretty flat you may even be able to get by without a BMS and just get a good balance charger. Lipos are also prepackaged (sort of) so chucking them in a lunch box as an enclosure is a lot easier.

Hi, also from A. I will keep using english. You can buy it from ali express HRB 6s lipos, they will send you the item via UPS, and also live it at your home. Talk to them, they know what the are doing. Also try to use phneumatics, to commute within the city is the only way. You could buy tube replacements at any place that sales things for wheel chairs, you coul olso buy cheap 200x50mm wheels from them (just be aware and do not push them to hard). Al so you could get a set up from ali express and buy something from Maytech. They are very accesible, get the water resistan motor, keep you Kv low (130 Kv) to have good torque.

I you want to build a battery i woul sugest you to call Battery Pro (think they are in Palermo). But I run my Lipos with great performance and trust. Buy a good charger for Lipos with balancer (its a must) and keep an eye on them mostrly when charging if you do no want to start a fire.

I woul like to tell you that helmet is a must, you will go increidible fast, and we both know hoy bad is the traffic whithing our country. I would olso buy the highest quality Vesc, and motor mounts; (Vesc 6 Trampa, or FoxBox) they can handle 6S and very friendly user to keep your acceleration and breaking whitin a safe spot; same thing for motor mounts, you do not want a massive full stop at high speed, just because something brake o get too loose (use loctite equivalent for everything, motor pulley, nuts, etc.).

If you get good vesc buy a high C rating discharche, the highest the better i believe, also high mAh (HRB are cheap, not the best, but good enough HRB 6S 22.2V 6000 mAh) at least 2 of them.

If you do not have the budget, and your build is cheap, just run your board carefully, do not trust componets, your life is more important than a moment of full throttle fun…

Cheers, hope this help you.